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Monday, November 19, 2012

Working away

You'll have to ignore the background messy matt in this picture...I couldn't get a very good color when taking a picture of my latest Tila bracelet I'm working on.  The light doesn't show up the pretty color of the green Tila's on the outside nor of the matt center green Tila's.  It looks really good on my wrist...but I had to order more Tila's for the outside.  I only need about 15-20 more but....
Then I started working on these folded Star hot pads...they are so much fun to make.  It takes more time to cut each square to make the triangles but once that part is done they work up pretty quick.  The colors in this one are brown(s) and green(s) and I'll bind it in the same dark brown you see in the photo.

And this is another project I'm working on...I'll talk more about it later.

 I also have to make a self portrait for the Art Quilts Around the World blog.  I have several ideas for this one too!!!  Just too many ideas in my small, pea brain!  I just might explode before they are all finished!


  1. Busy hands, happy hearts!!! It's always fun to see what you are creating!

  2. Lots of pretties here today. I want to see that bracelet on your wrist please! Smashing!

  3. Wow! You are one busy lady! Lovely work. I love seeing all your projects.

  4. This is one of the things I like about you.... lots or projects going on! The bracelet is lovely.. bet it feels cool and smooth on the wrist. And the project you have not told us about yet looks quite intriguing. Self-portrait should be fun.

  5. Beautiful greens on both the bracelet and star. You are certainly staying busy and productive. Blissful creating dear...