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Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday Dinner

I got to make Thanksgiving dinner for all the kids (minus Jeff!, who was traveling for his job) yesterday!  It was SO nice to have the kids up for dinner.  With all of their busy schedules, I feel like I'm imposing on them to take time out of their weekend!  But I figured no time would be good so just set a date and go for it! 

The kids took Kalee outside to play.  It was cold but kids don't care do they!!!  Brrrrrrrrr The sun did come out at times but thank goodness it was nice and toasty in the house!  Kids and I even got to play a game ow WigOut after dessert!!

I made usual Thanksgiving dinner and my old time lemon pie recipe and a pumpkin pie recipe from this month's FoodNetwork magazine.  It's a little too sweet for me but I'll let Bob be the judge.  He didn't eat any dessert last night so he'll get his slice tonight.

Yes, these are my kids (blonde is Kris, DIL; Darrin and Auntie Dawn!) working on their computer at their mom's house for Thanksgiving!  Go figure!  In their defense, Darrin is making several different collages for the coaches of Nick's football team.   Nick has their award dinner this coming weekend and Darrin is trying to finalizing the collages.  Dawn took most of the photo's this football season so she and Darrin were coordinating pics.  I did enjoy having everyone up (missed you Jeff!!!  But you have some turkey, stuffing and gravy waiting for you!)'s always nice to surround yourself with family.  We don't get to do it enough!!!

I forgot to post a video from dinner with the kids on Thursday after Amber's last basketball game.  It's Darrin's BD tomorrow (Tuesday) and the folks who know him at the restaurant surprised him with a song.  He also ended up with some whipped cream in his face!  I didn't know they were going to do that so I only got a quick shot of his face.  It was too funny! 

Today, Gracie gets her manicure!  Tomorrow I get highlights, Wed. I pick up kids from school, Thursday is Friends of the Library meeting and Friday, I'm meeting Carol T. to do some Christmas shopping!  Whew!  I'm tired already!  I am sewing on my patchwork piece and really happy with how it's turning out.  At least I feel like I'm getting some sewing in!  Sun is out and temp is 36 so far!  I'll take Kalee to ride along to the vets for Gracie today.  At least it gets her out of the house.  Too cold for me to walk...I need 40 degrees!  Or lots of sun!


  1. AND the Lions won....but so did the Packers!!

  2. Family and time together is the best. Far too cold for me. Kalee must be lonely after the kids are gone home...or she takes a well deserved nap. Busy week ahead for you dear...breathe and hydrate.

  3. You are really packing the days with activity! Needing to get it all in before the snows fly. Scooter is still doing well and nobody has sought him. Fingers crosses.