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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Busy days keep on coming!

Yep...busy days for sure. On Thursday, I did a trunk show for one of the local Ocala quilt guilds, Country Road Quilters. What a nice group of ladies!! I was busy presenting and forgot to have someone take pics with my camera...but I did get a picture at their show and tell of Nancy after my presentation. This was a cool quilt she made...forget the method but I loved it!
Nancy was kind enough to ask me to do my trunk show (some of my work is on the table) and I'm so glad she did.
I'm going to go back and perhaps join this group while here in Florida. I won't be an active member by any means but I'm sure I'll enjoy meeting more of the ladies and seeing their show and tell. They had some wonderful quilts shown!! One in particular was a huge redwork piece that was amazing!!!
Now on to yesterday! After I got home from puppy class, Susan and I attended the Fiberart market place at the Villages. They had over 50 vendors who displayed yarns, fabrics, embellishments, name it and they had a vendor selling it. For such a small amount of vendors (compared to IQA shows), you certainly could find something to buy! Actually, Susan and I both thought it was a perfect amount of vendors to walk to. Not too many and not too little...just right!
I didn't take pictures of the crowds near booths...wasn't sure about taking pics...some vendors had signs up so I didn't want to get arrested! But I did find some black sateen and black Pimitex along with some Radiance fabric! Also, June Coburn had a booth selling her silk screen stencils, which were really nice! Some great Asian designs and beautiful silk fabrics. I did buy a bottle of the robin egg blue deColourant. I have the 'regular' color remover and used it last year or the year before here in Florida...just can't find the exact post (yet!). So I'm looking forward to using the deColourant and replacing the black with some blue! I'm thinking of using my thermofax screen from Sally to print w/black on top of the blue! Confusing but I can see the idea in my mind! Hopefully I can share when it's all worked out!

Susan and I arrived home around 3, I took Kalee to the dog park and let her roam around then back home and into the shower to get ready for dinner with Carol & Tony to celebrate their anniversary. These two just don't change! I have several pictures of the two of them like this I've taken over the years and they all look alike!! Must be the good livin'!
We ate at Harry's Seafood Grille and it was amazing!! I had crab cakes and salad which were wonderful!! Bob had the deep fried shrimp and I think there were at least 18 pieces of shrimp!!! I ate 3 of his shrimp and they melted in your mouth! Some of the best shrimp I've had! Of course, because we were celebrating, we had dessert! Bob and I had bananas foster which was GREAT!!! Carol and Tony shared chocolate bread pudding and they said it was delicious...guess they get that dessert when they come to Harry's. Bob and I will certainly go back and of course get the bananas foster. We haven't been getting dessert out lately but we'll make an exception when we go to Harry's for sure!!


  1. I wound up missing the Marketplace event... looks like a good turnout and lots of choices. And I didn't get photos at your trunk show program either! Too busy enjoying I guess. You had a full day on the weekend for sure! Topping off a full week.

  2. My you have been busy, shopping celebrating, time to bead, and most of the puppy classes. Cheers