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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A week already!

Yep, we've been in sunny (so far!) Florida for a week already. Our 3 months do go by fast. I always say I'm going on a 3 month vacation since that's what Bob and I feel when we are here. It did rain heavy late yesterday and through the evening and was actually the first rainfall this area has had since before Oct. It's been very dry here and of course fire alerts are on all over.
Today is sunny and beautiful out. I was sitting outside working on one of my projects but just came in for some lunch. And speaking of food..yep, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Toreo's last night along with Carol and Tony. Of course the 99 cent margaritas can't be beat and the dinner special ($6.49!), Alambre, is SO good. Bob and I always have half our dinners to bring home to enjoy another night! Grilled chicken, onions, peppers with rice, beans and pico de gallo...YUM. Of course the margaritas are as good as we remember. We've had some bad margaritas at different restaurants throughout the years, but we've never had a bad one at El Toreo's. I'm looking forward to going back already!

I had an email from Laurie from Artsy Chick Quilts asking what threads I use in my beading. Because I'm stitching beads through 3 or four layers, I prefer to use Silamide thread. I don't care for Nymo as I find it shreds too much when stitching through layers. I order via the net since it's more economical to buy by the spool and I've found Beadwranger's web site to carry all the different colors and have the best prices.
Some bead shops carry Silamide on cards for around $1.50 or $1.75 and if you just want a small amount for a special project these work just fine. I never have a problem with my thread breaking use the Silamide and it goes through my size 10 Soft Touch embellishment/beadwork needles just fine.
Make sure you click on Laurie's link to see her VERY cool quilts! Laurie is also one of the artists in our traveling MQAI exhibit. She mentioned that her MQAI Art of the Kitchen quilt is already finished for this year!!! I actually forgot to add that quilt 'to do' to my project list and the online class I'm taking from Susan Sorrell! See why I need to write everything down! My friend Mary can identify with this!
She and I keep 'post-it-notes' in business with all the sticky notes we have around the house! Anyway, I wanted to take one of Susan's classes this fall but was just too busy with projects, holidays and thinking of packing for Florida! So this gets added to my '2011 To Do' list!

This is the first letter for my BJP 2011 project for January. I'll probably start beading on friendly felt again just because I don't have any background quilted yet. Still no machine to sew with!
I'm ready to cut out my tree too. I finished the base so now it will can be cut out and another piece waiting for a quilted background.
Today, I'm playing with some 'zentangle' work. Very relaxing while I'm listening to Reliquary on my Ipod. I love the books by Preston and Child. The Pendergast character is so interesting and makes for a good story line. I did another 1.5 miles on the bike this a.m.! I'm really lovin this bike riding!! And I'm able to breath better while riding! Thank goodness!


  1. Pendergast is one of my all time favorite characters. I could never want any of those books in movie form but I seem to have no problem listening to the gory passages in audiobook form!

  2. Glad to hear about the biking. We have good intentions of riding the Withlacoochie (sp???) Trail. You can pick it up near Inverness. Now is the time of year to do it. No heat, no bugs! Love your beading. Wishing it would stay warm down here..........

  3. Florida sounds wonderful and the food sounds fantastic! I'm jealous! And congratulations on your biking- I get winded jogging with the puppies, I think maybe I need to get on the Robbie-approved exercise program!!