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Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Bye, Flat Stanley!

My Winter Adventure!


Flat Stanley and Grandma Robbie

Permission given by Nick S.

How exciting! Look what arrived at Grandma’s house on December 23, 2010. Yep, it’s me, Flat Stanley! My winter adventure with Grandma Robbie is starting!
Grandma Robbie thought I might be a little tired from traveling in the mail so she had me take a little rest with Mandy. Mandy is a nice dog and I like how soft her fur is!
I was really excited when Grandma Robbie told me it was Christmas Eve and Nick, along with the rest of the family, were coming over for food, fun and presents!!! We had such a good time and we even got to track Santa using Google Earth! This was our ‘family’ picture!

After everyone left, Grandma said it was time for us to settle down and get ready for bed. So I got to sit with Mandy and Grandma Robbie under the new blanket that Nick’s sister, Amber, made. It was almost as soft as Mandy’s fur! I fell asleep really fast. I was really tired from all the Christmas excitement.

Christmas Day Grandma Robbie said she had a surprise for me. We were heading to Ocala, Florida in 2 days!! Yippee!! I’ve never been to Florida so I was really excited. I tried to be good and stay out of the way as the car was being packed up but I couldn’t help myself so I climbed in the car while Grandma and Grandpa were packing. This is me sitting up front.

On December 27th, 2010, we left for Florida at 8:30 a.m. I had to ride in the back with Mandy, Gracie and NoName. Gracie and NoName are two birds that Grandma has and she takes to Florida each winter. It was very comfortable in the back seat and safer sitting in-between the animals. And I got to sit next to Mandy (you know how much I love to touch Mandy’s soft fur!).

Our first stop on our Florida trip was in Knoxville, Tennessee and the 2nd night we stayed in Macon, Georgia. I sure am getting to see lots of the United States! It is fun traveling in the car and seeing all the different sights. But I was ready to rest when we stopped at the hotels at night. So was Mandy! Mandy always made sure I was with her so I wouldn’t be afraid at night being in a strange room.

We were both tired this night and just flopped down on the couch in the room! We’ll be in Ocala, Florida tomorrow, December 29th!

Wow! I love Florida! There’s no snow or cold wind blowing. I have to be careful of the wind so I don’t blow away. I’m really thin you know.

Grandma said before we get to play we had to go to the grocery store and buy some groceries! Even though Grandma said we were not going to play, I did get to play in the store. And riding in the grocery cart was a blast!

We shopped for a long time and filled our grocery cart so full I almost didn’t have any room to sit. Grandma and Grandpa eat a lot so we had to buy a lot! At least that’s what Grandma said. I did scare Grandma Robbie when I jumped on the conveyer belt that moves the groceries! It was just like an amusement ride! What fun!! I promised I wouldn’t do that again because it could be dangerous!

The next day the sun was shining so Grandma got out her bike and took me on a bike ride! Wheel!! What fun!!! We went really fast down some hills but REALLY slow going up the hills. The hills didn’t look that bad to me! I don’t think grandma is in shape to ride her bike (yet)! I got to sit on the handlebars!

Grandma and Grandpa go to bed early so that meant Mandy and I would go to bed early too. It’s a good thing because Grandma likes to ride her bike everyday and do more grocery shopping (they really do eat a lot!). She sure kept me busy! One day she even let me in her sewing room to help her do some beading! I thought the beads could be eaten but I found out they don't taste very good.

My next big adventure was driving the golf cart around the community!! Mandy was the lookout since I couldn’t turn around to see behind me very well! She’s such a good partner!

Mandy had to watch out the side for me too. It’s not easy driving a golf cart and now I know why only adults drive them!

But Mandy and I had fun!!

So now it’s time for me to leave sunny Florida and my new friends and family! Grandpa was out golfing so Grandma said she would say goodbye to him. I did get a big kiss from Grandma Robbie and a sniff from Mandy. I’m really going to miss Mandy’s soft fur! And all the fun things I did with Grandma. But I know my next adventures will be just as much fun! Thanks, Nick for sending me on this winter adventure! It was a blast!

The End

January 3, 2011


  1. You are a Fantastic Grandma Robbie! What fun being Nick's Flat Stanley, and what fun reading your blog! Hope you have a great winter!
    Take Care

  2. You deserve the Grandma Of The Year Award. So cute!!!

    I love the grocery store scenes - what a riot ;)