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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

B & B Time!

Yep, it's B&B time around here! Beading and biking!! Gotta love it!

I did finish up filling in some areas on the 'tree' for my Dec. 2010 BJP and finished the trunk. Now I'm beading the 'stand' the tree sits in. Once I finish that I'll cut out the tree and it will be ready to attach to my background. Only problem, I don't have my machine back yet from its 'day at the spa'. That will be the first project I do on the machine is quilt the background. I am going to start on the BJP for 2011. Right now, my plan is to bead a letter each month. When all 12 months are finished, the letters will form a saying! That's my plan but as Robert Burns once said "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray".

I was also putting together my projects to do this year and so far I have on my list:
BJP Dec. 2010
BJP - monthly for 2011 (12 journal size)
Fiber Art Valentines (lots!)
Ami Quilt for AAQI (9"x12")
IBTM* - Paul Klee
IBTM - Van Gogh
IBTM - Georgia O'Keefe
Group quilt w/Tommy F.

(*IBTM - Inspired by the Masters exhibit - 16" x 20")

Funny, when I put the list on paper it doesn't look like much! So why do I feel like there is a lot to do! Actually, the IBTM quilts are do if you want to or if you have time to or just because! So that's nice. I don't have the pressure of 'having' to complete a project. I do have part of my Klee piece finished and I'll get started on that maybe by February. I am pretty excited about working on Georgia O'Keefe. My very talented friend Susan has this very, very unusual way to create reverse applique for a stained glass look. It's VERY labor intensive but the results are amazing. Of course Susan's workmanship is beyond perfection....and she has offered to show me her method! She did offer last year but I never did find a project to use this method. I have this year and I'm really excited about it!! More on that later.

So on Tuesday I rode my bike 1.288 miles! Today I rode 1.789 miles!!!! And I could actually breath!! OK, not perfect breathing but at least I didn't feel like I have going to pass out this time! It did take me 15 min. to go that far but hey..we have to start somewhere!

So when we aren't biking, golfing, beading or eating (which by the way we're headed to ElTore's tonight for 99cent margarita's!!) this is what we do best! Sleep!

Yes, Mandy is laying on the blanket Amber made me! I told Amber this blanket is now Mandy's! I don't get to use it.

And Grandpa...he did golf five days in a row!! You have to give him credit! For 71 years old and having hip replacement in October, he deserves to rest!
Temp is 63 and a little overcast but still nice out. Same yesterday so we're happy.


  1. The tree is looking so good! Had to laugh at the "short list". I always look at a project or list of projects and understimate what it will take to complete it all! Then I'm surprised by the complexities of each task. But all of those activities look like fun. No wonder they'r on the list.

  2. Your tree is looking fantastic! I'm sure your tuned up sewing machine will do a great job on the finishing touches. You have a great to do list there. Good luck with all that. I look forward to seeing your Georgia O'Keefe piece. I'm always a bit surprised at everyone one so gaga over Frida Kalo but not so much for Georgia. Enjoy your naps, you all deserve them!