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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Another Farmer's Market Find!


Last weekend, I met a delightful young lady named Alexis.  This young woman is trying to raise funds to go to Peru!  She is  a wildlife biology student at the University of Michigan who is working to raise dollars so she can spend a month (next August) in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru studying. 

Her trip sounds amazing and for an animal lover I am sure she'll do well and learn so much.  

I purchased one of the hand made bracelets to send to our great grand daughter.  They were made by locals in Peru.  She also had some really cool key chains her father made for her to sell.  But we don't use key chains anymore do we!

I did visit her blog to read how and why she decided to do this journey.  It's quite interesting.  Hope you'll check it out here: 

Alexis Blog

And you can follow Alexis on Facebook, Instagram and she has a Fund Me page as well.  All the links are here:

I wish this young lady all the best!  To be young and adventurous!  Heck, I don't want to go more than 10 miles from my house!  Let alone go to Peru!


  1. I wish her all the best. When I think of the rain forest I think of biting bugs, but I'm sure her enthusiasm will help her rise above that!

  2. Sure appreciate the travel days are over!!

  3. Your post was excellent! I truly enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading more of your work.


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