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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Cyano Printing Again

 Yep, with the Florida weather we've been having, I thought I'd make the most of it by doing some more Cyano Prints.  I've finished the printing for my Christmas cards but decided to play around with some of my watercolor paper that I created based on my drawings from Hilary's online class in 2019!

I painted each watercolor paper with the Cyano print chemical and let dry (in the dark!).  
I wasn't sure this would work covering up the pastels or crayons but it did!

This was how the paper looked when painted with the Cyano print chemical.

This was after it sat in the sun for 5 min. for the print to take effect.

And this was after the chemicals were washed out. 

Not bad...

Another finished piece

You can see each one was covered with the chemical before I set out in the sun.  These were in the drying process.  You have to keep in an area that is dark.  After dry, place in a black bad to keep the chemical from reacting to any light.

Happy with the results...not sure how I'll cut them apart but I'm sure they'll go into cards!

Yes, I am knitting...just too busy to post but I'm trying to get caught up...on my blog that is!  HA

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