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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Has it really been a month or more!

 Yes, I have been lax in updating my blog...other social media calls before our blogs now!  Which is sad.  I use my blog as a diary of sorts.  I print out each year and I so enjoy reading my blog book when it's printed.  This year may be the cheapest printing I will have.  

I'm pointing to the decorative side panel!

Well, after my 2nd carpal tunnel surgery (this one on the right side) I am back to knitting.  I may just finished this sweater before Christmas....I am working on the right sleeve in this picture but Kalee is being my model this time!

I am not happy with my workmanship but I will still wear this piece....It wasn't really as difficult as the lace tops I've not sure why I had so many issues with it.  BUT I will finish and wear at least once!  HA

And on another very sad note, my next door neighbor passed away.  It was so sad.  I did get to say goodbye two days before she passed.  She wasn't responding but I do feel she still heard me.  She's no longer suffering and for that I am glad.  But I am so sad for her hubby and two daughters.  A life cut short...toooo soon.
And to read a story about Lori and I and the here...Snake Story  You have to scroll down a paragraph or'll see a snake pic!

My daughter always makes Thanksgiving dinner for her hubby's family.  She cooks most of it at home then they do a 'delivery' and she'll also put in an apple pie while they are eating.  She's such a sweet daughter.  She got me these beautiful flowers because she wouldn't see me/us on Thanksgiving.  

I just threw out the flowers.  They have lasted so long!!!  

We had our Thanksgiving at Darrin's house as usual!  It's always such a feast and good food and company.  

I love these grand kids.  Hard to get a good pic of us all but at least I remembered to capture one of the three of us!

Kris always makes the best meal(s)!!!  She's an awesome cook and prepares the entire meal all herself.  

 I did get a pic of my plate!  It was delicious!  We had pumpkin squares made by my DIL's mom, Nancy (which were yummy!).  I made lemon pie, cream puffs and white bark candy.

These cream puffs are SO's from an old, old recipe I've kept all these least from the 70's or 80's!

We took home the pumpkin bars and ate during the week!  SO GOOD!  Nancy is a great cook!

This was what was left of my lemon pie.  Yes, it was good.  I love lemon pie and another recipe from the 70's!
One of Kris' displays at the kid's house!  So pretty!

And that it was!  A Happy Thanksgiving with loved ones!  


  1. The sweater is very pretty and no one will notice any parts you think are not great. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My son was busy with his wife's family and his dad, so I spent the day by myself which was fine with me. I got a lot of stuff done and I was tired anyway so I was glad I didn't have to leave the house. I had just had three days with my grands so I was happy with the quiet.

  2. Oh my, that food looks delicious! And your sweater is very pretty.

  3. I like the color of the sweater on you. It must feel good to be back knitting after your surgeries. So sorry about your neighbor- she was your walking partner, right? Your family Thanksgiving looks wonderful- all that delicious food!


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