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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Decorations for 2021 all finished!

 Whew!  Must be getting older makes us slower!?!  Or we just decided we don't need to rush and get Christmas decorations done in one day as we have in years past!  At least that's what I feel now - I can take my time - and now that we don't head to Florida on December 27th each year, I can leave the decorations up until I feel like taking them done!  Woohoo!  Now I have the weekend to knit & cook.  I'm making Instant Pot Chicken Royale recipe today - thanks to my Florida buds Marcia and Bill's recommendation - and Sunday I'm baking a turkey breast!  Mainly I have a craving for turkey pot pie!  Good excuse!   Actually our tree is downstairs in the family room.

I like to document my decorations on my blog because I forget what I do from year to year!  This way I can peek at my blog from previous year(s) and decide if I want to do something different!  

Not a lot of decorations upstairs but enough to know it's Christmas!  Yes, this is an applique Christmas table runner I made many, many years ago.

The little tree on the left lights up!

And my beaded cardinal is on a quilt I made last year.  This is the front door and you can see him from the street.  Adds a little Christmas to the outside of our house!

This is a table runner my daughter gave me several years ago.  

This is suppose to be a tree skirt!  One of the quilt guilds I belonged to years ago had a round robin tree skirt challenge.  My part was the bird house and I cut out birds from some Christmas fabric I had.  

Each person took your fabric you passed and created their part to add to the skirt.  I hated to slice up the back to make a tree skirt so I just hang on the back of our couch!  That's the pic above on the back of the couch.

Tree looks crooked!  Or it's the photographer, which is more likely!  HA

Fireplace downstairs has a few decorations.

This is a coffee table my son built when he was a senior in high school!  I remember he won some woodworking award back then....he's 53 now! so you know how long ago he built it!!  Bob and I love this table and won't part with it.  Darrin actually gave to Bob's son and wife when he and Kris redecorated, then it went to their daughter/our grand daughter, Kayla and her husband, then we picked it up when Kayla got married and they bought new furniture!  I'm so glad each of the kids changed their taste in purchasing new furniture.  It looks wonderful in our family room!!!!

So now I can sit and knit this weekend!  Well, after my normal daily chores and cooking!!!  


  1. It looks terrific! And let's go with the theory that the photo is crooked, not the tree. At least, as you noted, you don't have to scurry to get it all packed away right after the holiday- that's a breather. Your table has had a life! What a talent to do that kind of woodworking. It's a great piece.

  2. Merry Christmas, the decorations look great. Enjoy your knitting

  3. Your decorations look very nice! I don't decorate much at all. I brought a few things to work since I seems to spend more time there than at home.


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