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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Yep, still slow and steady....

 Oh my would think I'm 90 years old and have dementia while working on the T-Shirt quilt!  I finally got the layout I wanted for the quilt blocks.   Looks simple but gosh, it's hard to get the strips/rows to look like you want and right now I may switch row four with row three!  

So next up, I need to get each strip/row to measure 77"...simple math, right!  But which block to cut and how much!  And about that 1/4" seam allowance!  Which I keep forgetting about!  So, this is what I did.  I took the shortest row and laid the blocks next to one another...then I put some masking tape on the top and bottom  to show the length I needed for the other rows (yes, I was working on the floor - and my back is letting me know that's a stupid thing to do!).  

You see that #80 block...well, I bet it took me 20 min. to decide, after removing the bottom white piece, exactly how much I need to cut off the bottom!  Sounds easy doesn't it..but dang, it sure was a challenge for me!  HA


So this was my latest idea!  Yep...add a 2" black strip in between each T shirt block.  Looks good and I already know that I'm adding a 2" sashing in between each strip since I'll be doing the QAYG method.  

So I cut some 2" strips from black fabric and sewed those to the blocks but then guess what!!!!  I forgot 3 strips have 6 blocks and two strips have 5 blocks...well, adding 2" strips inbetween gives me rows that don't match up length wise,, I unripped 4 seams of the black fabric...ugh....

So no black sashing in between each T shirt block, which is ok.
I am still happy with this strip...there will be a 2" (minus seam allowance - almost had me, right!) in between each strip..again, that's to use for the QAYG method by Marianne from the Quilting Edge.  And I'll add a 4" border around the entire quilt.  I THINK!!!!!  

Gosh, who knows until I get all those strips/rows done!  Then I'll sandwich and quilt each strip, then add the 2" black sashing in between so I can join each strip to one another.  Makes sense???

Too much math for me for one day!  So off for a glass of wine!  That will help...I think!


  1. Oh dear, sorry to laugh but I really do feel your pain. I have been through this sort of thing many times when trying to put a quilt together that I have designed myself. Just when I think I have it right, I discover another hurdle! The quilt looks good though. Keep going!

  2. This is going to look wonderful when you get it done. It is a bit like putting a puzzle together. Your rows have to end up the same length which doesn't give you any room for error unlike the one I am doing where I can just stitch on another piece of t-shirt fabric to make things the right width or length.

  3. What a fantastic choice of settings!! Terrific!!


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