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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Progress - Slow & Steady!

Guess where I went this past weekend?  Fabric shopping!  I don't fabric shop in Michigan and would only go while in Florida with my Q Bud, Susan!  I missed Susan being with me!  I didn't realize it's more fun to shop with a friend and get their advice on which fabric to purchase!  So I decided on for the shashing for Nick's quilt for the window pane and black for shashing inbetwee.  You can see the 2.5" strips and squares I have cut.  You need to get organized for this design...ask me how I know that!  HA

I am making progress on....slowly!  Holy smoke...I forgot how much math and effort it takes to make these buggers!  But I have to say, I'm enjoying myself.  It's been so long since I made a large quilt I forgot it is fun!  Well, the math part of this quilt isn't all that much fun but otherwise I am having a good time!  Of course, I'm making it more complicated than it needed to be but for my last T-shirt quilt, I wanted to do something I'm adding the window pane or attic window design to each block.  This is what each block will look like.

Sunday I worked on squaring up each block so I can decide how much to cut off each block so the rows are the same size!  Sounds easy, right!  First off I had to decide on the layout I wanted for the know color does matter, right!

Actually, I've changed some of the blocks from when I took this picture.  


I need the total blocks per row to measure 67" (before adding sashing)...again, sounds simple...but some blocks are 15.75" and others are 11.25"...just a matter of taking the time to 1) measure each block 2) determine how many inches I can remove to =67", &  3) determine which block(s) get cut down!   Whew!!

Once I have my 67" inches, then I add on the bottom white piece to each block then add the side piece.  I will be adding a 1.5" -2" black sashing in between each block and each row and of course top and side borders, which will be the same dark gray.

I was doing pretty good but cut a block or two,  too much and I'm short 1/4" on one row!  Grrrrrrr  So back to the drawing board and I'll see which block I can exchange with another row.  The 3rd row blocks are less than 13 inches which is what the block width is for all the other rows.  Some T's were cut short when first cut apart...wonder who did that!  HA

It will be a different T-shirt quilt design but for my final one I'm glad it will be different and I hope Nick likes it!


  1. Loving how you set these blocks…..what a fabulous memory quilt!

  2. I really like your idea of the window sashing with this. Looking very good! Keep calculating.

  3. I am anxious to see this quilt when you are done. The attic window layout is going to look great! You left a comment on my blog so a big thanks on my layout progress. For some reason your comment did not show up in my email. I have another person that I have the same issue with. I like to follow up with people to who take the time to leave a comment.


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