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Monday, September 14, 2020

Heloise is back! Well, sorta!

 OK, so I'm not Heloise but I do have some items I've recently purchased based on tips from others.  I've used each of these and love them all!  Most I have purchased via Amazon, as they had the best price but you can always do a Google search if you are so inclined to research an item!  Hope you enjoy!

I am always slicing/dicing veggies of some sort for us and for the dogs!  I love this veggie chopper.  It's called the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper & Spiralizer and under $20 (Amazon).  It's easy to use and cuts perfect veggies!  I haven't tried the spiralizer yet but it also looks easy to use.  They also include little brushes/combs with it to clean out the dicers.  

This was recommended by someone I follow on Instagram and she was spot on!  A family of five (set of triplets) and they are a wonderful family.  If you're on Instagram, check them out:  (

For those Portuguese knitters, if there are any out there!, I purchased this necklace from Andrea Wong's web site.  Portuguese knitting uses either a knitting pin, magnetic pin or you can wrap the yarn around your neck.  I have the pins but I'm trying to loosen my knitting tension and decided I would try this necklace.  It's the same principle as having the yarn around your neck, you just place the yarn on this necklace...and if you forget to take it off, you're all dressed up!  I have left my magnetic pin on from time to time and noticed it when I was walking the dogs.  At least I looked dressed up as mine has jewels on it!  Again, this necklace was under $20.

Who knew parchment paper came with a grid!  I sure didn't!  Found this out by one of the ladies in Margarita's class this past week!  I found it at Kroger's.  

This was another recommendation by the Instagram lady (above).  These are wonderful grippers for your rugs.  I have one by the back door that is always sliding away!  But now that I've put these on, it's been staying in place!!!   They are  called Home Techpro Grippers and under $20 (Amazon).
I haven't washed my rug yet but I have read reviews and the product also states no problem with washing.  Love these!  My next Amazon order I'm getting another set (4 in a set).  

I know a lot of us use transfer paper for our images in quilts or even on T-shirts.  I would venture to say most purchase from JoAnn fabrics or another craft store.  This item was recommended in our online class with Hilary.  It is WONDERFUL!  First off, I only bought the 'for light fabrics' as we were using it to transfer pictures to our papers.  I think they also have a dark transfer paper.  I have used this to transfer to fabric and paper, which you can see the paper transfers here on my blog.

The other cool thing is you can remove the transfer from the paper and iron (using the parchment paper) to get a really light transfer.  Again, I am using this mainly for transferring to paper.  I ordered the 40 count and felt it was very reasonable and actually a better product.  It's very, very lightweight on your fabric and doesn't crack!  

So that's all this Heloise has to offer this week!!!  I do have some new authors/books to share, which I'll try to do this next week sometime.  I'm working on finishing up four challenge 12"x12" quiltlets for our exchange in October, in addition to knitting, working on our online class and 'wanting' to make another cloth paper quilt based on our workshop last week by Margarita K


  1. Never mind Heloise- it's Robbie's Reviews. Did the Transfer paper also come from Amazon? Interesting. I already like the printable freezer paper sheets- this one looks good, too.

  2. Yes, that was an excellent tip from Chris. I need to buy some. I can't wait to see what you do next with this technique:)
    I forgot to mentioned that I cherished the heart card you sent me a while back. Love it!!

  3. Great tips. I bought a chopper like that years ago from QVC. I ended up wearing it out and buying a new one. They are great. Had no idea parchment paper came with a grid!! I'll check out those grippers. Our one kitty likes to move the rugs all around! Your link to your project with the transfer paper goes to the etsy shop. How does that transfer paper compare to TAP? Thanks for the informative post. I've had one in mind for my blog too!

  4. That chopper reminds me of the old Veg-O-Matic. I used the heck out of that!!
    xx, Carol


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