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Saturday, October 27, 2018

It's Squirrel Time!

 I needed a break from the hex project...although, I'm now making new hex's!  Don't ask!  I'm not quite sure why myself!  HA  So it's back to giving Mr. Blue his new home! 

I started to play with some quilting designs on a scrap of background fabric for my blue squirrel!  One of my friends sun printed this small piece of fabric, which I think works perfect for Mr. Blue!

I liked some of the quilting design so decided to just jump into it and free motion quilt around  the sun printed leaves on the background fabric!

 And the finished quilting for the leaves...

 Then I decided to straight stitch some grass like texture on the bottom

I used a lighter lime green thread then went over it with a darker lime green..all 40 weight thread (Sulky).  Hard to see in this picture the two different color threads...guess that's good they are subtle!  HA

So far I'm happy with how it's working out.  Now I am playing with different embroidery threads to enhance the foliage Mr. Blue is holding! 

I kinda like the dark pink, which you can't see very well in the photo above!  But it might be too bright for some folks...but heck, this is for me so.....I honestly won't know until I start stitching...that's the next issue...deciding what stitch to use!  It's always decision time isn't it! 


  1. This is turning out so great….what a perfect combo!!

  2. He's baaaack! I like the background. And I like variegated floss, but your colors are saturated enough that it seems the pink would work just fine, too.


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