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Monday, October 8, 2018

Hex Geometric Progress...

I'm still making hex's....using oranges, turquoise, blues, yellows.....these are all 5/8" hex's.

And I'm playing around with a new design for my hex pieces...still going to have the hex pieces in the circles...but the layout will be different.  I'm thinking of having smaller circles instead of all large ones...

I decided I'll just keep making hex's and take my pieces to Florida with me.  And then I'll ask my bud, Susan, to give me a crash course on how or if she thinks this project would work using her reverse applique method.  Maybe I can 'buy' her with a lunch...whatcha think, Susan!  Until then, I can play around with different designs. 


I've also been knitting in between working on my hex geometric project.  I finished another scarf which will be nice for spring or in Florida!  HA

I'm also in the process of making another shrug.   This was the finished shrug I made last year.  I wear this one  with a  black turtleneck, which looks good.  The one I am knitting now is a dark blue (see pic further down in this post), which should look good with a white turtle neck.


 I also bought two other colors in this same yarn, which I love.  So soft, washes up nicely too...The dark one is what I am knitting with now. 

The little yarn ball on the dark yarn is the yarn I used in the shrug above.  I do enjoy knitting at night while watching TV...too hard for me to sew hex's at night...I just can't seem to have enough light.  Sitting out on the deck is perfect but it is Michigan and fall is here...which means the deck furniture will be moved to the garage within the next few weeks so o more sewing outside during the afternoon...we've had rain this past week on and off along with sun shine...40's some mornings and mid 60's some days.  But we are suppose to have highs in the 70's and 80 degree days or day this coming week.  It is Michigan after all!


  1. I’ve been wondering how your hexie making has been going……looks like it’s def. going well!!

  2. The more hexies, the more options! This is looking good. I know what you mean about working on smaller things in the evenings, and the light. Knitting works, and that yarn is lovely!

  3. Shrugs - what a great idea - particularly between the seasons. Cheers from carole's chatter


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