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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Hex Designs

The reduction printing (see previous post) has helped clear my mind for working on my hex project!  I am still playing with reduction
printing...another post is on its way!  But until then...with my hex break, I've come up with a few ideas...HA  This was how I started this hex project....

And now here are some other designs I've come up with....I know it looks goofy but you have to have my imagination on where fabrics/hexes will go!  I am also looking at using black or very dark brown/black for the background...

So, here is one of the designs...Not good...not bad...OK, certainly not good!  Did I just say that!   I was looking at adding some curves in the piece...again, all fabric would be on black/dark brown/black background (say that 3 times really fast!).  The black you see under/over the circle hexes is colored marker in black! 

I  laid black strips around the piece to see if 'edging' or turning the black fabric over the colored material would look like.  Really hard to get a good perspective....but this is playtime, right!

Now I'm getting happier with playing...I added circles.....all the white you see would be black.  The 'curve' strips would be in black but hand stitching would be added using thick threads in bright colors to match the hexes and show the 'curves' and lines...just another idea!

and now I think I am getting closer!  I added some half hexes.....and a circle

But then I had this idea earlier this week!   The wood/brown areas are the background of my table showing through.  Those areas will be filled in with hexes.  Dark brown/black will still be the background and I'll be adding the hand stitching.  The funky cutouts are hexes that are half hex pieces and I may add some single hexes or I get to make lots more!!! 

I like the last two designs....see how complicated this is getting to be!  HA! OK, I am having fun in between the frustration of changing my mind...but it's not like I have a deadline for this piece!  So back to the drawing board!!! 


  1. Proof positive that one thing leads to another. Your mind has a creative process that I admire and I'm pretty darned sure this is going to be another stunning piece.
    xx, Carol

  2. Yikes, I couldn’t even select the one Iike best……such great options….can’t wait to see what you will choose.

  3. You have so many avenues to explore with this. No stone unturned as the saying goes. But they are all very inventive, and it's interesting to see your progress.

  4. I see you design the same way that I do, designing as you go, I feel your angst. Just by chance I am working on a quilt at the moment with circles, no hexies though. Good luck, I know your quilt will be great in the end

  5. Robbie your creative process is as amazing as your finished art projects. I am entranced b how you put together colors, shapes and designs. Fabulous Dear...<3


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