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Monday, July 20, 2015


It's not easy being a 'new' mom again at 68!  OK, so I'm not being a 'human' mom but being a dog mom for Kalee and Gigi has sure impacted life around the Payne's household...well, on my end that is!
I finished the background for my hex horse #2...afraid that's all I have to show art wise!!!  Next I need to remove the paper/stitching then sandwich and quilt.  I'll attach the 'horse' after I complete the quilting.
But I did get some more stitching done on my patchwork #2 piece while sitting outside last night.  Yes, even with the 80+degree weather.  We had a nice breeze and I just like sitting out on the deck.
BUT  I decided last night I need to get a daily schedule going for the following:
  • Study daily online dog training lesson(s) 
  • Walk both dogs separately (due to training!) twice a day!
  • Apply multiple training sessions for both dogs
  • Keep playing Betty Crocker and Minute Maid daily!
  • Allow time for art work and completion of projects (5!) due by December
  • Allow time for computer work (e.g. blog, emails)
Whew!  Do I need to add time for a rest!  I think so!


  1. I am not seeing any scheduled "nap" times for Kalee, GiGi or Mom Robbie. That is quite a busy day for dog duty. Love you hexie background. Rest is required at our mature stage. High on Life July...

  2. You're so funny. A SCHEDULE??? My dogs don't know schedule. They know mom just sat down so I need to go outside. Or mom just put the recliner leg support up so she must be gonna stitch, yup, she got the needle. If I put my boxer mug on her chair and look at her with my big brown eyes she'll know I want something. Then she will ask me do I want to go out, do I want puppy chow, do I want fresh water and I'll give her my nubby taily wag to let her know. One thing for sure, I'll wait til she's comfortable to want
    Good luck with a schedule!!
    xx, Carol

  3. Oh my- did you consider time to sleep, or even sit down for a moment? You are going to be one busy dog Mom! Thankfully projects like the hexies can be fit in here and there.


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