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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Getting into shape for the fall!

Who knew we had to be in good shape for Michigan's fall!  Last Tuesday Bob started raking leaves so when I got home from dog class I helped bag up some leaves.  This past Sunday it was so nice out (70's!) that I started raking again!  Bob was power washing the side of the house so I was fine with raking.

This was in the back yard.  Filled one whole bag.

It felt really good to see the majority of the leaves picked up in the back!yard.  The dogs appreciated it as well!  They are always chewing the leaves off their feet!  

And off to the front yard....see all those leaves on the tree!  Well, you'll see them again on the ground!

When I got home Monday afternoon guess what was back!  Yep, more leaves!!  I bagged 3 more today and the leaves kept falling as I was raking! This picture was taken on Monday!
And here are some of the bags ready to be put on for pickup on Wednesday!  And no, the girls are no help what so ever!  But they do look cute, don't they!  HA

For some reason, it took it's toll on me Monday.  This is hard work...who knew I had to be in shape for the fall weather! least we don't have to shovel much snow!  Thank goodness for that!


  1. Oh the memories those leaf filled bags bring to me…..happily…..up here in our mountains…..the wind blows all the leaves away….I always wonder….where they go? Some are trapped in the many planting areas we have which protect the plants over the winter…..but otherwise….unless some leaves blow into the garage where the precious ‘boy toy cars’ are kept…..they are easily ignored.

  2. Like Mary, I recall raking leaves in the fall. Usually not in 70 degree weather though!! Our kids used to like to run and jump in a giant leaf pile. And way back, we burned leaves in the rural areas. It was a good smell, that smoke in the crisp fall air. The girls do look cute, and they are good watchers. You kind of don't feel it while you're raking, but the aftermath can sure be sore muscles as you experienced.

  3. Mr. C spent Saturday, Monday and today blowing and raking leaves which he then picked up and added to the truck for yet another trip to the dump. It costs $20 and is a real pain to do. Fall is beautiful but the endless trees and leaves are too much work. The pond is covered in Oak leaves and fill a huge Hefty bag every day. Yes, we must be in shape for all this work/fun. Soon enough it will be snow to clear.