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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Start of April BJP

This is my April BJP journal quilt I started yesterday. Geez, it's been at least a month since I've done any free motion quilting so I had to spend some time 'practicing'! You can see my practice piece at the end of this bog.

This BJP will be a cardinal and I'm excited about working in different shades of reds, gray/blue and black! I sat this afternoon for awhile and did some outlining of the breast area, so at least I've started.

This is a line drawing I found on the web to use as my pattern. I've also printed out several different cardinals to see the shades of reds and the gray/blue..who knew they had blue/gray in their feathers! Well, at least the pics I printed out do!

And this is my practice piece I quilted. It seemed strange to do free motion quilting again! I was going to quilt some more backgrounds for my BJP but the old arthritis started up so that gave me an excuse to stop! I'll use this when totally filled with stitching for fiber cards.

I'm really excited about the next four days! I'll be with the grand kids while Darrin and Kris go away for their yearly anniversary get-a-way! The kids and I have so much fun and I'm really looking forward to being with them. Plus, I hope to get to see Dawn and Jeff while I'm there since they live the next street over from the kids! I most likely won't take my beading but will take 'Georgia' with me to sew. That project is so portable and will be good to work on while kids are sleeping or at school.

Bob will be golfing and keeping busy with baseball on TV and his Excel programs, while I'm gone. He loves to program different golf score programs, which are quite extensive! Amazes me what he can do in Excel. I'm an Access database girl myself!

Mandy is doing pretty good and still has to wear her collar if I'm not sitting beside her. She'll be coming with me to the kids so I can watch her closely.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week and weekend. I know this grandma will be!


  1. That quilting is beautiful! And I love cardinals, so look forward to watching this one take shape. Have fun with your family.

  2. Love, love, love the quilting on this.