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Sunday, May 22, 2011

It runs in the family

Yes, running does 'run' in the family! Amber belongs to a running group at school that meets twice a week called 'Girls on the Run'. This past weekend they participated in a 5K run and her mom and aunt joined her! How cool is that! Auntie is in the black and mom is on the right. Amber has the sunglasses on and her friend, also named Amber is in the front of the pack.
I think it's great that Amber was and is involved in this group at school and really cool that her mom and aunt participated in this race. From what they told me there were over 500 runners!

This is a piece that I finished in Florida but couldn't show a pic of it. You can read about the project here on Tommy F's. blog here. It was a fun project and I think the entire piece turned out great! check it out!!

No rain for two days!, but rain due in today. Go figure! It is good for the plants and since my hobbies are inside guess it doesn't matter, does it! I just don't like the humidity and I love having the windows open. So far we haven't needed the air on but I'm sure that will change soon. More beading today since I did my cleaning and laundry yesterday! Play day for me!


  1. good for the girls! Oh my, your section of the veggie quilt is wonderful, as is the entire project. Great fabrics, threadwork, and beading on yours. Well done!

  2. Quilt looks great, love the bottle stamping, too. Hope all goes well with your DH.

  3. Nice picture of the girls! My granddaughter participates in "Girls on the Run" at her school in Hudsonville - she did a 5k this past weekend too.