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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a week!

So this is what I've felt like a few times this past week! And on Sunday my back finally gave out..having had two lumbar disc surgeries I'm lucky to still have two different braces so out they came! Dumb me..I should have put one of them on the first day Mandy came home. Lifting her in and out of her crate isn't good on the old back so I was out of commission lifting her for a day. Poor Bob isn't much better with his hip but we finally got Mandy to walk, ok to hop, out of her crate which makes it easier to pick her up. She's on restricted walking for another week but she has been learning to walk on 3 legs when she's outside. Even inside we keep her confined to the living room but she's hopping around that limited space, when she isn't sleeping! Bob and I finally got a system to picking her up easier for when she has to go outside. She can't go up and down steps least my back spasms are it's just an ache that I can live with and I'm wearing my brace all day I'm back at it!
Our other problem was Mandy had to go back to the vets last Friday because she was licking her incision and it opened up again. Hence, her collar was added to our daily regime when she isn't sitting beside us or where we can watch her like a hawk! Does she look a little pitiful! When you put her collar on she will not move..and I mean will not move. Mandy is a very submissive dog and not a candidate for this type of 'abuse'..ok, it's not abuse but as far as she's concerned it's a punishment for sure. Kinda funny but we do put the collar on if we need to go out of the room or during dinner. I am going to do some doodling on her collar to make it look prettier for her!
This is Mandy right now as I'm typing this post! She's sleeping in Bob's 'papa bear' chair. She's quite content right now
Needless to say, I haven't done any art work for over a week and probably won't get in my sewing area for another week. I did start working on another peyote beaded needle case using one of Beth's patterns from her website UntilWeBeadAgain. I have to admit I've ripped out my beading six times so far..but I think I've finally got it! Looking at Beth's 'how to' video's really helped. Beth is so great at sharing her tips and techniques. I hope to take some pics today (even if I'm still ripping out!) of my beading...maybe I'll even get started with my July BJP idea! I'm way, way behind in all my projects but that's life and my dog is more important to me than schedules.


  1. Poor Mandy. Poor you! Hope you all are feeling better and more mobile soon.

  2. i'm sorry you and mandy are having such a rough time of it. look at that poor thing with the collar on. yep...needs some pretties on it. lol i hope things get better!!!

  3. I am thinking it is that time of year for everything to go utterly sympathies with your back---my lifting the tractor was right up there on the *why did I do this?* list.
    And poor Mandy....she looks utterly humiliated with the collar! This is ONE time I can't laugh at those---they do look funny on cats though.
    All of you---GET WELL!!!


  4. My goodness I think you're all going to need a vacation once you recover! I think she'll like the collar better once it's pretty! I hope you all feel better soon.

  5. Poor thing! and poor Mandy too;-) I'm sorry all this is happening but you know things will get better. Sooner rather than later I hope. Give her a hug for me. Gently.

  6. Poor Mandy! Poor you!! I hope you're both well taken care of and comfortable! <3