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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our little Mandy

Tuesday afternoon when we arrived home from doing errands, we found Mandy limping badly. We rushed her to the vets and discovered she had a torn ligament in her hind leg. She had surgery yesterday morning. What an emotional time! I just picked her up and she's doing ok but Dr. said she has a long road ahead of her. She actually tore two ligaments in her leg..we still don't know how and at this point that a non issue.
Now to recuperate. I put together, loosely!, her old crate that we haven't used since day 2 of adopting her. She needs to either be on a lease or in the crate to restrict her activity. Ice packs and physical therapy will be the norm for the next month. But that's ok. I'll do anything for our little girl. Right now she's laying next to me on the couch resting. Every so often she'll wine which means she's in pain. That just kills me...
We did have a really nice BD for Kris yesterday..the kids decorated the house with balloons (which Amber blew up all but one!) and signs the kids made. Amber also made a cake and wanted to keep in a 'lime' green theme because that's her mom's favorite color. So we added blue and yellow food coloring to the cake mix. A great green cake! Auntie brought dinner from PF Chang's which is one of Kris' favorites restaurants. All in all it was a great day but I have to admit i was exhausted. i didn't sleep at all the night before worrying about Mandy and just felt physically whipped. I had also been carrying Mandy up and down the steps before her surgery to go outside so the old hands and bones are getting a good workout. I didn't stay long after dinner so hope the kids understand. We were actually in bed at 10 last night! And I did sleep quite well. So today will be a reading or TV day sitting with Mandy. I'm going to let her rest a bit then I'll put on her ice pack. UGH...


  1. Oh no!!! Poor little thing!
    You can tell by the expession she is NOT happy.
    Hoping that she heals well and quickly.
    I would bet that it was a jump to land on something gone awry that caused dog used to think she could jump on the kitchen table, and sometimes it worked, and sometimes NOT.


  2. How scary! Our little friends need us so much, I hope your little Mandy recovers well. I know you will be doing everything to make sure that happens. Give her a gentle hug from me, and here is one for you too ((((Robbie))))

  3. how terrible! how good, though, that she has a mommy who loves her and takes care of her. i hope she recovers quickly. give her a little scratch behind the ear for me.

    as for the changs...i am SOO jealous! i looooove that restaurant and don't get to go hardly ever. the kung pau chicken is the bomb. now my mouth is watering and i've got terrible cravings. lol. sounds like it was a fun day, even though you were exhausted.

    take care of little mandy (silly me...i know you will!)

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Mandy. Hope she recovers quickly.

  5. She looks so sad in the picture! Sometimes I think pets are harder than kids. At least with kids they can talk & you can explain to them that they'll feel better soon. Animals don't know that and it's so hard to watch them feeling bad. I hope her recovery goes well and you get a chance to rest also!

  6. Oh no. Poor Mandy. I hope she recovers quickly. Keep us posted.

  7. So sorry to hear about Mandy. I know those bichon eyes can really tug at you and when she hurts you hurt. Best wishes for her speedy recovery.

    Norma and partners Ginny & Bella

  8. Oh! don't you wish our pets could speak? I'm sure she understands all the love and care you are giving her though. Poor little lovey - give her some smooches from me!

    I love the green cake idea - what fun is that???!!