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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm so pretty....

I'm so pretty!!
The white collar was just too white and Mandy just wasn't happy until I did some doodling on it..ok, so she's still not happy but she looks better! We had our vet check today and she still has to be watched constantly so she doesn't open up her incision. We only have her collar on when we eat or take a bathroom break. She's pretty smart about knowing when we are out of the room and reaches back to her incision. She's still on restricted movement and I start her physical therapy tomorrow. Next week we have to pick up her good hind leg so she puts some add'l pressure on the bad leg.

Yesterday Mandy was sleeping and I was baking cookies so I drew some doodles on her collar. I'll probably add some more when I'm bored again which is quite often during the day!

I just haven't been able to do any work on my art quilt projects but I did finally get my feel for doing the peyote beading I talked about in my post yesterday (thanks again to Beth and her patterns and video's!). I had some pink bubble gum Delica's left over from my fish BJP so here's what I did today (after ripping out 8, yes 8, times and starting over). It sure helped to watch Beth's video on reading peyote patterns for the needle cases! Makes sense now.
Temp still in the 90's today and has been this past week! It's more like Florida weather but no hurricanes just a storm today which was a blessing for the grass and plants.


  1. Well, Mandy may not be happy, but she certainly will be the CHICEST pup in the recoup wing!!!
    That looks so cute with the color on there! (tho her expression is still saying, "Must you photographe me like this???")
    Here's to her complete recovery!


  2. Cool! It's hot here too-feels like a oven outside!

  3. Very chic -- Mandy is certainly the poshest pup -- although from her expression I think she is saying, "please don't make me be a coney dog any more..."!

  4. Mandy looks much better with her decorations. FL is actually very comfortable right now compared to many northern temps!

  5. love the decorations on mandy's collar! now she's a fashionista! i hope her physical therapy goes well. good job on the peyote so far...even if you did have to rip it out. i still have not tackled how to do that. i get too frustrated and quit on like the 2nd row every time. lol

  6. She's so charming! Glad she is beginning to get better. Maybe she doesn't like the collar but at least you know it is for her own good.

    Love your new peyote piece. I haven't done a patterned peyote piece in years. Yours is coming along great, even if you did have to tear it out 8 times.

  7. LOVE the collar! Your doodling is awesome.

    I can't get over how bad this whole injury is. My goodness.

    The needle case is great. I love the way peyote stitch comes together. I have a keychain that I bought that is peyote stitch over a piece of a pencil! I didn't even now it until I got it home and studied it. Pretty clever.

  8. Too funny. Don't feel bad. I ripped out many a row too before I finally figured out, step-up, move over. Sounds like a cadence.

    Love the doodle on the dog collar.

    Get Well Soon Mandy!