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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pottery Wed.

Rainy day yesterday, so kids and I went to the pottery store on Wed. to do some painting. What fun! They did really well although deciding which piece to paint was more of a task then painting. I think they turned out really cute. They can't pick up the pieces until next Wed. so Darrin will pick up for me. He and Kris have the week off.

Here's Ginny working hard on her 'summer 09' piece. She did a flip flop that's also a jewelery box. Ginny did a really nice job on it! This was also her last day as the 'nanny'! Kids will miss her and so will I. I've really enjoyed my time this year with Ginny and last year with her sister, Katie. They are really nice girls and I'm glad I got the time to get to know them both better.

Nick was hard at work painting his dragon bank! He used about four different colors! He also painted some free pieces they had.
Amber picked out the cutest pig bank! It's three in one and just adorable. Her mom is going to repaint her room so Amber picked out colors to match. She does have a hard time making choices but once she does she knows what she wants!

Here's her finished painted bank! I can't wait to see this fired! The colors will be perfect. Isn't it adorable! Grandma did the eyes!

Here's Nick's dragon bank all painted! Colorful!

And Ginny's flip flop! Ginny is really talented when it comes to painting and drawing. I sure hope she continues to do some journaling. We talked about that at lunch. She has a talent but we just need to bring it out. She wrote inside the lid and on the back of her piece. Quite nice!

Ginny's writing on the inside....
You are beautiful, Ginny! Inside and out!!! Stay that way!!
So today I'm planning my menu for having Susan and Harvey over for brunch on Sunday! I'm really looking forward to time to talk and not be in a restaurant where it's hard to listen to each other. I love cooking so this gives me an excuse to maybe try some new recipes?? Bob hates when I do that! Our fiber meeting is tonight as well so busy day. Plus, I'm working on my Mucha pieces for our Inspired by the Masters exhibit. We're hanging them at the Fenton library on Monday. I might not have them done for this show but we'll just have to see!

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  1. Hi Robbie!
    Looks like fun - where is the ceramics store you took the kids too?