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Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Stamping

In between beading and hand stitching, I managed to finish Lesson 2 exercises in my online lino cut class. This last exercises in this lesson dealt with lines for texture, using the computer to obtain a photo and pattern and texture.

I combined each of the exercises and here's my results. This is a picture Dawn took in England a year or two ago. Not sure where it was taken...I'll have to ask. I printed out the pic and traced areas onto my stamp matt.
Here's my stamp cut
My first print - not too bad..this is only 3"x5" so I wasn't going to struggle with lots and lots of detail.

Then I wanted to add some texture to it but again, didn't want to do fine, fine, detail. So I took my tree stamp I made and masked off some of the area on the edges; printed it on my fabric; then printed my arch with a different paint. Not bad. I made several of these and I think they'll make nice fiber cards.
Next, was creating a stamp with a pattern and texture. I was looking at photo's, books, etc. and then got to thinking about my doodling and free motion quilting. I made this small piece about two years ago when I was just practicing free motion work. Why not use it for my inspiration!

So I scanned in my little quilt; printed off the sheet and traced around some of the areas. Transferred to my larger matt (6 1/2" x 11"); added a larger leaf to it and here's my pattern and texture stamp!

I grabbed two small pieces of hand dyed pink fabric and stamped! The pink is really a nice, bright pink and with the contrast of the blue paint looks really nice. Looks kinda dull here.
Then I took another hand dyed piece and stamped the upper left and bottom right corners with the blue paint. For the upper right and lower left, I painted on some red/yellow paint for the larger leaf. I really like this piece. It's a fat quarter so I think it will make a nice smaller quilt as well.
I've really learned so much about stamping, painting, name it. This has been a great class for sure. Dijanne is a wonderful instructor and I can't say enough about how well she's prepared this online class. She's so sharing with her techniques, tips, history and just plain old communication. I'd love to take a workshop from her on any technique she teaches. Only problem is I don't want to leave town let alone travel to Australia! Oh classes are the way to go!

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