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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Happy 18th BD, Amber!

That's my girl!!!  I still can't believe  she is 18....but Amber is turning into a wonderful young lady!

 She had her BD family celebration this past weekend.  Kris , Amber's mom,  had their dining room table set up with Amber's favorite items, Starbucks!  The entire table was full of coffee, Starbucks cups, a bedazzled sweatshirt from Starbucks....on and on!

Check out the sweatshirt!!!  How cool is that....

I thought this was so clever!!!   Great job by Kris for sure!!!

Of course, it's not fitting unless you have dessert!  And those were also on the table!  Kris had Starbucks cup holders around the cupcakes!  How clever is that!!

Kris always outdoes herself in making birthday's special!

Amber received this beautiful bracelet from her other grandma.

 And I think she enjoyed her money pad and balloons

Kris brought out a cupcake with a candle in it!  She did think about placing 18 candles in it but decided against it!  HA

  Of course, Kris and Darrin outdid themselves as usual with a fantastic meal.  I'm also so anxious to start eating  I forget to take a pic of the fabulous food!  Darrin smoked chicken wings, sweet bacon strips and pulled pork (along with his home made BBQ sauce, which is delicious!!).  Kris made tomato/balsamic salad, cheesy potatoes, corn on the cob,  large fruit and veggie bowls, taco salad, cornbread....yum, yum, yum!!!

What a wonderful day celebrating with family and see this next milestone in Amber's life!!!  So glad we can be part of her life!!


  1. I love this fun themed 18th family birthday celebration. Amber is becoming a beautifull young lady. Her genes are good from you Grandma Robbie. The food does sound amazing and delicious. Summer Celebrations are Fabulous! <3

  2. What a creative birthday table! Amber will remember her 18th for sure. Happy day!

  3. What a great party! Starbucks is my favorite, too, and the food sounds yummy. Now I'm craving pulled pork and all the sides!