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Friday, August 18, 2017

Acrylic Skin

Well, this post heading sounds weird I know...but....I was watching Laura Kemshall's video on making acrylic skin to use in her art work.  I thought I'd give it a go!

I won't explain the entire I've said before, you can join DesignMattersTV yourself to see their videos and learn from Laura and her mom, Linda.  It's not cheap for a year subscription but I don't get any monthly magazines so this is my 'luxury' art item.

This was a quilt I dye painted (based on Hollis Chatlain's technique) quite awhile ago!

I still had the tracing of her face that I made to see where I wanted the quilting to be for her face.

So this is what I used for my first 'skin'.  You trace onto your substrate and then....

Apply a medium, which creates the skin.  Yes, there are steps here but you'll have to watch the video!  I haven't done anything with this 'skin' yet!

Next I wrote some text and created the 'skin'

I had this hard canvas piece with some zentangles on it so figured I would apply the skin this, just for fun!
I cut out a small part of the lettering and applied to the canvas.  And this was the end result.  I did apply some yellow watercolor to this piece but haven't taken a picture of it yet.

So what else could I make with this technique!  Leaves of course!  I had some paper leaves I traced and made the 'skin'.

I had this small hard canvas piece I made back in 2010...think it was for a challenge in our CCC group.  It was a poem printed on a piece of silk organza then applied to the stencil painted canvas.

And finished piece with one of the leaf skins!

So, is this something I'll use in the future?  Not sure...I don't do paintings on canvas and the only have one sketchbook I keep of the stamps I make.  But it was fun and always good to keep ourselves trying new techniques!

Funny, but when I went to type in the label for this post, acrylic skin, it popped up!  Hmmmmmm  So I did a search on my blog and what do you know!  I played with a similar technique back in 2009!  You can read that post here.  No wonder I didn't remember!  2009!!!  I don't remember yesterday!


  1. Thank you Robbie for bringing such an interesting technique to my attention…..I’m always amazed when you post photos of pieces from your past……seriously girl….you do it all!! And do it so well…..

  2. I have really thought that this is something I want to play with too. Ahhhh, if I just had more time at home.

  3. Robbie Dear I live vicariously through you and your amazing experiments in all things fiber related. Is it possible to create a new Acrylic Skin for my face that eliminates wrinkles? LOL. Creative Bliss...xo


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