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Thursday, August 24, 2017

A little revamping

First off, one of my BFF's, Mary, just got out of the hospital after a mini vacation!

OK, not really a vaca...she had a stint put in her heart!  Whew!  But she's doing well and went home from the hospital on Tuesday.  Mary is a very talented art quilter and I've posted her work on my blog before.
I decided that my buds would take care of each other in this order:  I'll take care of Mary, Carol will take care of me and Lois Ann will take care of Carol!  Because Lois Ann is the youngest, she's on her own...I'm sure she'll have lot of folks to take care of her. Mary is home now so Carol and I will take her lunch and/or groceries this week.  Just to keep bugging her!

Back to revamping....after looking at Tommy's blog where she's been posting  hanging her 12"x12" squares, I got inspired to do something similar.  Check out her 'hanging around' post here.  This is what I ended up doing!!!  I had some loose 12" x 12" squares so tacked them around the top of the wall.

And the way my sewing room entrance sits (it's at an angle) I can see some of the squares/quilts as I sit in our living room!  I am really happy with how the squares hung using Tommy's suggestion of sewing needles!  I have a small container that I keep old needles in and just used them!  You can't even see them from a distance!

I've started to keep the 12"x12" squares I've made, or been in exchanges with others, in a binder book.  I sew D rings on the edges so I can put on the ring. This works well but I like having the squares hung up!  At least you can see them daily and appreciate them.  The book idea is nice to take with me to show others or for inspiration so I can look at more closely!  HA

I also cleaned out some of the containers in the closet. Bob put in shelves for me when we had the house built in '96.  Makes it so much easier to store lots of stuff!  HA

Rain this week so painting the deck will have to wait until the weekend.  So guess I'll just have to suffer and play in my sewing room!!!  Poor me!!!  NOT!


  1. So happy to hear your friend Mary is back home…….spoil her completely!! Your new display of the 12”x12” pieces is spot on…..makes so much sense to be able to brighten up your space with these treasures and enjoy them daily. I’m inspired.

  2. I love the way you've displayed the 12" much color and inspiration and a daily reminder of our creativity and friends that add so much to our lives.

  3. Hope all continues well for Mary! The machine needles- what a great idea. The display looks great and will be fun to look at each day.

  4. Healing Energy for Mary as she is well taken care of by you lovely ladies. I love how you have hung your beautiful quilts so you and anyone else can enjoy them. I have also liked your D-ring book display. Your amazing talents are awe-inspiring dear. Rain would be very welcome here as we head for triple digits again. <3

  5. Great idea to hang the blocks. It's so much better than hiding them away. All that wonderful work should be out to be admired and inspiring every day.
    xx, Carol

  6. I am in a fiber group that does monthly challenges. We don't really have a set size. I really love what you've done this the 12 x 12 pieces. I am rethinking my motive in these challenge pieces now! I love the way yours looks!


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