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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Two at a time!

Well, you know I'm never  just working on one project at a time!  I lose interest rapidly!  Go figure!  So I did lots of stitching yesterday on the 'believe' piece.  Here is a little sneak peak!

This was the piece before I added some additional stitching.  The circles are machine stitched and not hand stitched.  Hands aren't working that well right now!

And the 2nd challenge piece I am doing with three other ladies is 90% finished.   We each have a section of a large piece of hand dyed fabric that we are enhancing.  Can't wait to see how the four pieces come together.  I think each piece measures around 20" x 20".  Here is a sneak peak at that project!

I should finish both of these up by Thursday this week.  And guess what!  More birthday gifts!  Our sweet DIL from Indiana sent me these!  First up is this Spiral Drawing tool!  You know how much I love making circles/spirals!!  Just look at the two quilts above!  HA

And I love this book!  The Art of Relaxation Coloring book!  The patterns inside are beautiful!  I can see some applique forthcoming in a quilt!  Thank you, MaryJo!!!  What thoughtful gifts!!

Today, I'm off with my bud, Sally, to do some sight seeing.  Well, ok, we're headed to the library first and then off to check out some of the shops downtown Ocala.  Not really sight seeing but I'm sure a stop at Your Heart's Desire will be on the agenda as well as possibly taking home some cake from their cafe and Betty's Cakes!


  1. Sounds like a fun day.
    I am off to get a injection in my knee.
    Hopefully a couple of months pain free

  2. I love spirals also...what a great looking book...I must check it out.

  3. Your machine makes a nice even stitch- looks nice. Are you using a heavy thread? Circles and spirals are always appealing. They do show up in quilting frequently. My all-time favorite quilting design is the Baptist Fan which is arc upon arc with an overall circular look. Your books look interesting, and the coloring one-what fun. Enjoy your day out. Check out the used book store in the library- they have some great offerings.

  4. Your spiral quilting is mesmerizing. I can't wait to see the finished piece.

  5. How do you machine stitch the circles and keep the lines so perfectly spaced and circular? Love your birthday gifts. You will have a wonderful day exploring.


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