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Monday, January 2, 2017

Annual New Year's Day Party

Yep, it's the LaPlante's annual New Year Day bash!  Bob was playing golf so he missed the entire feast! But we did make a plate for him to take home, along with lots of leftovers!

Everyone brought an  appetizer dish which is so great!  Marilyn and John provided ham, shrimp, Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's!

Of course, we have to have dessert!  Yes, this area was all dessert...fudge, bark candy, apple pie, candy....yum!

Patricia, Verna (back) Marilyn, Susan, Jan and Rene

Jan, me, Sally and Sue
 OK, so my readers know I'm usually the one taking pictures, therefore, I'm not in most pictures of our, GO FIGURE, the one picture I pose for and they catch me doing something dumb!  It's a long story and Jan would kill me if I said what I was doing!

The men are waiting for the OK to EAT!

Finally, the line starts!
I  had such a good time and it was so nice to see everyone again!!!  I feel like we never left Ocala last spring!  Bob had a fun time golfing but he sure missed out on a very special day with friends and food!


  1. Nice day with good friends. Oh, and that picture...I just thought maybe you had one too many, lol.
    xx, Carol

  2. That is some spread! The ham looks wonderful, but the dessert table- oh my. You're right back in the swing of things. Have fun.

  3. Nice you have places togo while Bob golfs and that you do go places on your own. I know women who still won't do that. Crazy! Enjoy your time there!

  4. Great way to begin a New Year...good friends and good food. Nice to see you in a photo...silly girl. XO

  5. Looks incredibly yummy and the looks like you're practicing for the Rockettes !


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