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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Another week gone by....

Another sunny, beautiful, busy week has passed!  Although, I had no idea yesterday was Saturday and not Sunday!  I do lose track of the days while in Florida...and yes, I have a calendar that I cross off the days but guess I'm not looking at it close enough.  I just look to see if I'm meeting a friend or we're going to dinner!  Priorities you know!

Look what I received in the mail from my bud, Mary, back in Michigan!

 I have posted on Mary's beautiful work in the past.  Her dyed fabrics are always awesome as well.  This will be carried in my purse for sure!  Thanks, Mary!  What a nice BD gift!!

I have started working on my challenge piece for the online group, Art Quilts Around the World.  Our challenge theme is 'believe'.  I started off with a piece of fabric I had dye painted last year.  I wanted something bright for my piece and I just happened to have brought this with me!  Whew!

Actually, I scrapped on the thickened dyes and drew lines using black thickened dye to create the piece.
I started playing around with different designs on paper and this was my start!

and once satisfied I traced some of the circles onto the fabric.  I wanted lots of'll have to wait for the explanation on my interpretation of the theme in a later post!  HA

 Next up was to sandwich with batting and backing and start to stitch.  That's exactly what I did yesterday while doing laundry!  I'm back wearing my braces so it was a little awkward but I'm getting the hang of it.  Here's my progress so far!

I need to decide about placing some other stitching lines on this piece.  Again, in my mind I know what I want...just not sure how to get the lines the way I want them.  I did some stitching yesterday but ended up 'unsewing' them!

I didn't post pics from our dinner with the gang on Thursday.  We had a great meal at BoneFish and then back to Harvey and Susan's for cake!  Yep, baked by Verna!  We wouldn't have it any other way.
Our table of 14 at BoneFish

Harvey even rec'd a treat at Bone Fish!

Verna's cake was a delicious as it was beautifully decorated!  It was her famous Carrot cake!!  YUM!

It was another very nice evening with friends.  On Friday, Marcia and I headed off to do some shopping.  We weren't successful so we're planning another trip to the Villages later this month...wait!  The month is over half over already!!  Guess we only have a week to 10 days left!  Time flies when you're having fun!!


  1. I LOVE your bright, cheery dye-painted cloth--makes me smile. I can't wait to see your stitching and read your interpretation of the theme.

  2. I relate to the days passing so quickly I lose track of them. Love your bright new project with the hand sewn circles. Friends and food are the best way to enjoy every day.

  3. I already love your new piece……anxious to see the additions you are coming up with.

  4. I might have drooled a little over your fiber piece and your gift bag! OK- the winter of cake has begun. You show some spectacular ones and enjoy the celebrations.


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