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Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy Birthday to me! - Part 1

Because my BD outing was so busy I have to put this in two parts!  Today is my actual BD but it started off with a celebration this past Saturday!  Today, Bob and I are just taking off and hitting some of the local stores then off to Harry's for late lunch/early dinner!  
This is part 1!  
Saturday, 10 of us gal pals attended the Cirque Italia Water Circus held here in Ocala!
My bud Jan, bought me this at the circus!  I felt like a little kid...I was so excited!
 What a fun time we all had!  I tried to take a selfie of us waiting to get in!  
Marilyn's hand is showing and part of my face!  Rest of ladies: Peggy, Sally, Patricia, Verna, Susan,
 Jan F., Jan M., and Barb, 

The circus was great!  Here are pics as well as two video's of some of the performances!

And check out the video's!  Part 2 will be posted on Tuesday!  Off to celebrate with hubby!



  1. A days long celebration!! Don't tell Terry, he celebrates the same year birthday on the 29th and I don't want him to expect all that partying, lol.

    Happy Birthday,
    xx, Carol

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Robbie Dear. Your celebrations look amazing and you should keep celebrating each and every day! You do look very Sparkly with your light wand. XO


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