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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy BD to me! Part 2

After the circus we headed back to the house for lunch/dinner!  And drinks of course!  Each of the ladies brought a dish to pass and the food was delicious as usual! 

Hard to see but there is a beautiful vase with flowers and little lights that Jan M. gave me to brighten the table!  

Of course a birthday isn’t a birthday here in Florida without a cake baked by our resident baker, Verna!  

This is Verna with Gigi. 

And check out the candles Verna put on my cake!  Who else would go to this detail on decorating a cake so beautifully as well as adding that special touch finding margarita candles!!  Only Verna!

And gifts, which the ladies were NOT suppose to give me (via my note to them!!).  Guess Bob is right….”women don’t listen”…HA 

Jan M. gifted me my own wand at the circus!  It is so cool...changes colors and flashes!  

What a lovely pocket charm from Jan M.

Opposite side of the pocket charm!  

Does Patricia know me or what!  I will be selfish and save this just for me!  Well, it is my birthday, right!

I love my puzzle from Susan!  How cool is this!

Peggy gifted me my first Florida Lotto ticket!  Nope, we're still here and didn't run off with the money!  Actually, not one of our numbers came up!

It's it's a fan!  Thanks, Marilyn! And she brought flowers the day before our party too!

And I received 3 gift cards!  JoAnn fabrics from Jan F.; Harry's from Marilyn and Starbucks from Verna!!!  3 of my favorite stores!!!

Two dozen  beautiful roses from my daughter!  She knows I love yellow and pastel roses.  They are even prettier two days later!  Just a beautiful array of color!  

And a huge Edible Arrangement from my son and his family!  It had to be pushed down to fit in the refrigerator!   At our potluck on Saturday I passed the container around to each lady and I still have tons of fruit left!  The melon and strawberries were delicious!  Chocolate covered pineapple...yum!   

Such a great BD!!!  I am one lucky lady!!!!  Great family...great friends...great life!


  1. Just to keep the party going.... Happy Belated Birthday. It sounds like this birthday in not one to be forgotten!! And, Happy New Year

  2. Happy Birthday, sounds as if you had a wonderful time

  3. What a great party! That cake looks divine.

  4. I think I’ll plan to have my next birthday party in FL……perhaps your friends will be available to come….grinning…..
    Happy Birthday girlfriend!


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