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Friday, January 6, 2017

A week already!

I can't believe we've been here a week already!  Seems like we have been here for months....guess that is because we are so comfortable here at the Miller's home and, of course, being around such wonderful friends.  And the girls have settled into their routine of guarding the door!!

I've talked often about my Q Bud, Susan, and her wonderful work.  Check out this  blog post and quilt Susan did using her own reverse applique technique!  Her workmanship is perfection and she has won many awards for her work!!!   Well, deserved!

Earlier this week Susan and I met at her house for a quick show and tell.  Obviously, I didn't have much to show!  I had my challenge piece from our fiber group, another small embroidered piece and of course my fiber Valentine cards, minus Susan's!  HA

Of course, Susan had some cool, I didn't take pics!  She made a small piece for a gift, finished her apple core patchwork quilt, which is wonderful!  It is all hand pieced and she quilted it using some crochet 10 wt yarn!  The thread really made the design pop!!!  And she's working on a modern quilt (large leaves) from a design from a Modern Quilt calendar.  It's going to be great!  

So gift time for me from Susan was a a yard of my Pellon/Peltex 71F.  Susan knows I use this product in my fiber cards so it will be put to good use for use!  And, I also received a Bottle of Mary Ellen's Best Press!

I have read about this product on other folks blog but never think to buy it!  Well, now I don't have to!  I am really anxious to try this product but I need a project to use it!  

I gave Susan a dual pointer and seam ripper which is encased in a hand carved stone.  No, I forgot to take a picture of it but it is cool and works!  The man who designed and made the tool doesn't have a web site but look what I found on FaceBook!!!  It shows Susan's seam ripper/pointer in the back (the purple one!).  

The gentleman's name is Denny Rueter/DLR Woodworks!  You can see photo's of his work.  Wonderful workmanship...just like Susan!!!

I do need to start working on the 'believe' online challenge.   But first I need an idea and a machine!  Mine is at the 'spa' and not sure when it will be ready to make the trip home.  Guess I better get designing!


  1. Hi Robbie
    Hope you are enjoying the warm weather.
    I must be weird I enjoy the cold.
    Thank goodness we can communicate on the internet.
    Have fun

  2. A week sure goes by quickly! I think you'll like the Best Press. Susan's seam ripper/pointer is really pretty. May she use only the pointer!

  3. I love your posts with the "girls"..they are too cute to pose too much of a threat while on guard duty....My cat does "patrol watch" as he sits in the window of our DR keeping watch over the front yard.

  4. You will LOVE the Best Press. I use it all the time. I have a travel size for retreats. I even bought a gallon to refill my smaller bottles from. (I had a coupon.) I also LOVE the stiletto/seam ripper. I bought one at a shop in Tennessee when we went for vacation and ordered another from my Quilters' Classified list on Facebook. I keep one at my work station at home and keep on packed away with my retreat supplies.

  5. The girls look like they love the Florida weather. Nice gifts exchanged with your Q friend. I finally bought some Best Press last year and now I understand why it is raved about. Enjoy your days dear...


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