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Friday, January 13, 2017

A recap of the week!

I posted earlier this week about our printing day with my Florida buds (you can that post here).  So Tuesday I decided I might as well do some printing and create another deconstructed screen! with the leftover dyes.    I was having way too much fun!

This was the screen I made on Monday with my buds.

I got four decent prints from the screen.  And I really like how it turned out.

I still had some dark areas left on it so I spread some cranberry thickened dyes through the screen to see what I would get.

I got 3 more prints from that one screen, which is pretty good.

I don't think these will hold up that dark but I'm likeing what I got so far.  I made another screen but  I don't have a picture of it.  I hope to print with it on Sunday.

It was the perfect day for curing all the prints I made so each were wrapped in plastic and set out in the Florida sun for curing!

Wednesday, Bob and I decided to go to one of our favorite Italian restaurants, after my root dyeing!  We have been looking forward to eating at Carmine's since we left last year!  And we weren't disappointed!  Yum!!!

Thursday we ended up at Cody's with the gang and surprisingly we had another great meal!  Our server, Kay, did a wonderful job making sure all 14 of us were happy!  Jan and I both had the salmon, which is/was delicious!  Bob had ribs and Larry had pulled pork...actually, both the guys ended up having a four course meal, bringing home dessert for $22!  Not sure what the rest of the 10 had but I don't think there were any complaints!  And 2-4-1 drinks!

Today, I'm preparing for a gal pal time on Saturday.  10 of us are head off to the Cirque Italia being held here in Ocala (7 miles from the house!).  It looks like it will be a great time or at least a different kind of circus!  Check out their web site here.    After the circus, we're returning to the house for appetizers and cake (baked by Verna!) as well as a little wine or lemonade! This is all to celebrate my upcoming 70th birthday!  Can't believe I even typed that! 70th!!  WOW!   It should be a good time so I don't expect to post until Sunday!  Until then, enjoy the weekend!  I sure will be!


  1. Gosh, your prints look great! I'd like to do some more of that (I did it once for the "And Then We Set It on Fire" blog.), but I get sidetracked by thinking about the prep and mess. Have a great time with the gals, and Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy 70th Birthday Robbie Dear! You definitely do not look or seem to perform like a seventy year old. Keep celebratng and enJOY every day! Your dyed fabrics look amazing. I mailed your birthday card to last years Ocala address so I hope you get it. The circus looks like a new kind of fun to experience. Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

  3. Have a fabulous birthday! You have the energy of a 30-year-old!

  4. The prints are amazing. Just wonderful. Like the food!

  5. Yes indeed…..very successful!!! Wish I could have joined you!

  6. Love those screen prints. love the colors.
    Have a fun birthday next week.

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