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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weekly Pattern Wednesday #9

Weekly Pattern Wednesday #9

Not sure what this tangle/pattern is called...but I know I've never done it correctly!  But that's makes it unique, right!  And fits with our Weekly Pattern!

I started off using a micro pen to draw the shapes/lines then again used Inktense pencils to color in areas.  I used three different pencils (red, tangerine and yellow).  Then I brushed water all over the piece.  Being that I took the pictures last night I don't think the color difference is that great but you get the idea.

I also thought it looked pretty cool in grey tone!

  Don't forget to check out Lynn's blog for her pattern and others that are participating in this weekly pattern Wednesday! 


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I've been reading your pattern posts and admiring them. This one really caught my eye because it's very celtic. My daughter loves celtic patterns. I recently bought a quilt book of them and think that will be my winter project. When zentangles first became popular I thought I might like doing them but no. I love them, but find much more satisfaction in fabric art.
Keep tangling. It's very apparent that you enjoy the craft.
xx, Carol

Nancy said...

I thought of Celtic Knot, too, when I saw this and see that the previous comment also mentioned it. And you are back at pattern making. Loved hearing that the two pups had a fun play time! They will be great companions.

Createology said...

This looks like a completely intertwined flower and it is very pretty. I have been coloring some AdornIt pieces my friend Lindsay Ostrom draws. My colored pencils and I have been quite happy the last two days. It is so easy to pick up and drop as time snippets come along. High on Life July...

Quilter Beth said...

I love this pattern. Of course, you have used MY colors again! 😁 I have trouble understanding people who don't like orange. Don't you?