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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weekly Pattern Wednesday #10

Weekly Pattern Wednesday #10

OK, so not a earth shattering design but I've been a tad busy with trying to teach a 3 yr old Bichon the way of the Payne's world!

This is a pretty basic design but heck...who knows it could be turned into a quilting design or even a patchwork piece!

You'll have to go to Lynn's FB page to see her weekly pattern as her blog is still under least it was two days ago.  Now off to train some more!!!  

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  1. It may be simple, but it's very pleasing. And yes, I could see it as a quilting motif. I know those pups are keeping you plenty busy. Abby finally began her classes last week. Between rain cancellations, and various other things, it took us a couple of months to get underway. She's doing pretty well. She's an exuberant girl, but she wants to do right. We're off to Maine for a week, so she'll miss her homework and need to catch up.