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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Birthday time

Tuesday was our DIL's Birthday!  Happy Birthday, Kris!!!

 Since her birthday was on Tuesday, which is the same day I go to visit the grand kids, they asked me to join them in a BD dinner (OK, maybe I asked myself!).  I sure am glad I did!  My son took us to Kruse and Muer Roadhouse in Lake Orion for dinner.      And it was fantastic!!!

This is what Nick and I split for dinner!
I have to say this was the BEST cheese pizza I have had!  Nick likes pepperoni,on his pizza, which I will eat on occasion (JETs pizza only).  I had a bite of his and it was even excellent!!!  I know where I want to go for the next birthday dinner out!!
Kris and Darrin each had a seafood dish, which looked  wonderful and they said tasted excellent.  Amber had a special chicken dish she gets whenever they eat here.  I guess it's been almost a year since the kids ate here but I might even be tempted to order a pizza to go sometime!  If I don't have dinner there!
The kids were so excited to give Kris their gift.  They were shopping with her last weekend and Nick had to divert his mom so Amber could buy (they both contributed $$'s) a workout top for Kris that she liked.  Wasn't that sweet of the kids!!!
I just love those kids and the are so giving. We had a lot of fun before going to dinner...Kids and I bought a cake, which we went back to house to cut into after dinner.

 That was a job in itself...the cake buying.  Our favorite bakery in Oxford was closed for vaca so we had to resort to a chocolate mousse cake from Meijer, which wasn't all that bad!
All in all it was a great day with family.  Only missed my daughter and Jeff, who were both working as they were leaving for vaca on Wednesday heading to Boston to surprise a friend.

I've been switching my time at night sewing the hexes and my patchwork piece.  I'll post pics of my progress later this weekend.  Oh and check out Kalee's blog today.  It's here birthday!!!  She's four years old!!!  I won't say how old Kris is!  Just because I'm a nice MIL!  Right, Kris!


  1. Wonderful family time and celebrating birthday bliss. How thoughtful of Amber and Nick to buy just what their Mom wanted. When we find a favorite pizza and place...Ahhh!

  2. So much fun spending special events with your family! Yours always involve food...LOL. Your grandkids really are a special breed. I love to see families that are so close. It's a rare thing these days.

    Kaylee is 4?!? It hardly seems that long ago that you brought her home.
    xx, Carol