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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Project Management

I guess I should thank my former employer, EDS and/or my mum for giving me the project management skills I have. Thank goodness for that!   I try to be organized and meet my target dates 99% of the time (my followers know about the one target date that I missed!).
Anyway, I made a few fiber cards last month knowing that I'd be busy with tooting around with friends our last month in Florida. I didn't realize at the time I wouldn't be doing any sewing!  

I do have other BD's this month but they will have to settle for regular Hallmark greeting cards!  HA  I  foroet to take a picture of the card I made for Sally.  It was on silk duponi and free motion quilted.

This is the fiber card was made for our friend, Mac.  He's the 1st row/seat on the left.  Mac was an All Star at Michigan and I just happened to have found this picture on the Internet.

This is the back of his card.  I hope he enjoys it and his BD, which was on April 10th!

At least with not doing any hand work, I'm able to revisit my online dog classes, which Gigi, Kalee and I all need!  Hard to sit still but I'm taking advantage of this time to watch the video's and get back to dog lessons!  I am headed out today with Sally to have some lunch and visit a gift shop or two!   At least I can still shop with one hand!


  1. What a clever BD card!! Hope your wrist is beginning to improve during this rest period.

  2. Nice fiber card! Your last month... what??? How did that happen. The time raced by. Good you have time to watch the videos and refresh with the dogs.

  3. You always do make such clever fiber cards and this one for Mac is Fabulous. I do hope lunching and shopping with your friend helps heal your arm/wrist. Dog Lessons revisited is certainly a good use of your time and only one functioning hand. Healing Energy Dear...

  4. Love these unique, personal and thoughtful!


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