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Monday, April 18, 2016

Get with the program, Robbie!

I know this is the longest I have gone without a blog post!  And there's no excuse.  It's not like I've been sitting on my butt doing nothing!
I did some solar fast prints last week which I'm happy with. They are similar to some of the pieces I'm currently working on, but that's ok.  I need additional pieces for another project that needs to be done by fall.

This past week I also played with some oil pastels and Inktense blocks with some art buds.  I only did 3 pieces.

The pieces were originally solar prints  but I forgot to rinse the pieces and left them out in the sun.  Well, what you get is a solid color!

Next time I played,  I stamped them and I was happy with that but....the next layer was calling so I used oil pastels on the blocks and now I am quite happy with the pieces.  I'm trying to get enough leaf blocks printed/created so I can use them for hand work too.

I'm quite happy with these two pieces....I used a Ginko stencil I had and the other leaf was putting the oil pastel on the edge of the cardboard template and rubbing the oil pastel onto the fabric.  

This piece didn't turn out so great.  I was using the Inktense blocks and rubbing over some leaf plates.  Nothing exciting, but I'm sure it will have another layer of 'something' added!

 I have also been busy with everyday stuff, outings with my friends and dinner out!  A lot!!  Bob's only golfing four days a week (he used to golf 6 days a week!) so now he wants to toot around and have a late lunch or early dinner out!  Well, no I don't argue with him!  he he he
I met up with some art buds last week and we surprised Kay with a FaceTime visit with Mary Stori!  Mary has been trying to get to Florida to visit and play but with air flight issues trying to get somewhere "from here" has prevented her from heading south.  It's not easy traveling from her home to the airport let alone to get to where we are. But who knows...maybe someday...and until then..FaceTime works!



  1. Your pieces are great…..and I know you will turn them into fabulous finished work! What fun it was to Facetime with all of you….and so nice to ‘see and talk’ to Kay…..who has had such an impact in my quilting life! I don’t know why we didn’t think of visiting this way before?!?

  2. I just knew you were busy with so many things and friends and eating out and well...someone has to do those things and it might as well be you dear. You do it so well. Lovely fabric printings. You do try lots of mediums with your fabrics and they always look so interesting. Keep your arm/wrist safe and enjoy your Florida days...

  3. You always seem to be busy making fabulous art!

  4. When you work with the inktense blocks is your fabric wet or dry? I alwasy have done it dry and then wet the color on the fabric. I saw a piece a freind did while the fabric was wet and it was fabulous! Haven't tried it yet myself though. All your pieces look womderful! I have not been able to work on much lately. Trying to turn that around this month!

  5. Those are awesome, Robbie! Are the leaf ones on cotton or silk?


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