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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Well, geezzzz

I don't want to blame my memory loss on old age so let's just say because I'm SO busy I forget to link last week to my posts as guest blogger on And Then We Set it on Fire.  I was showing how to use SolarFast, which is a sun-developed dye by Jacquard.  It's really a cool as a recap, click on links below if you have any interest and check out the 'Fire' blog for earlier posts on sun printing.  The entire month of June are posts by guest bloggers and their experience with different sun printing techniques!  And it's free!!!

Other Media  (even using it on wood!)

So, whew!, I know this is a lot to digest, if you are so inclined...if not, have a great day and just remember this post in case you ever are interested in SolarFast or bookmark the FIRE blog for great tips and techniques throughout the year!

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  1. All right... lots to see! The Shibori is really interesting. I've been playing with some beading. Maybe sometime you'd write a post about your bead storage? That is when you're done with fire! Mine are in all sorts of containers with not much organization.


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