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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Here we go again, for the 3rd time!

What can I say....I'm a ditz!  I started the reverse applique on my sun piece (again!) and guess what I did!  I cut into an area that I shouldn't have...I can't 'fix' it and I'm getting frustrated with this piece SO...I ordered some Clover 1/4" fusible bias that I'll fuse the leading for the stained glass look!   Now I just have to 'unsew' all the basting, red line stitching and the parts I've already appliqued!  BUT.....

I found another stained glass pattern to do for my Tiffany piece!  I'm using some silk dupioni for some of the applique and then some old, old Pat Campbell's Fossil Fern!  I just had a small piece but enough for the feathers.  I'm using a white batik for the white you see in the background.
I'm also going to add some circles of the silk dupioni in the feathers and lots of hand stitching once the leading is all in place.

Today I basted the black fabric in place and I'm now working on stitching the center of my lead lines.  Woohoo!!!

And in between time, I'm still working on my latest cuff.  This is about 3" of beading so far and I really like the pattern and the colors.

We had an early dinner of  chicken kabob's w/ veggies today so dinner and dishes are all done!  Tigers won their game so Kalee and I will go out on the deck and either bead, unsew or stitch!  Decisions, decisions!!!
Temp is still 80 @ 5:05 p.m.  Our walk won't be until 8 p.m.!


  1. Despite the problems with your piece.....both your new projects are fabulous......

  2. How frustrating! The method would take more focus than I could muster up I'm afraid. The peacock project looks interesting. I like the fabrics/colors you've chosen. Can't see the cuff photo... just a blank box there, don't know why.

  3. wow..the peacock looking pretty...

  4. What a wonderful peacock design and the fabric looks lovely!

  5. I got lost and missed your postings. This peacock is going to be stunning. Lovely beading on your latest cuff. Hopefully your weather settles down.


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