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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dr. Seuss & Zachery

This was my inspiration for creating my art quilt for the Inspired by the Master - Theodor Geisel aka Dr. Seuss.

It's from the book 'The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss'.  It's a very interesting book to look through and is in most libraries.  Just check out some of his artwork that didn't end up in his children's books.

So here's my beaded Zachery (I've spelled this several different ways...but Zachery is what's in the book!).
I printed out Zachery on to a Wash-Away Applique sheet then fused to some batting and beaded away!  There are lots of beads in Zachery and some belong to my blog buddy, Susan I met this year in Florida!  You can read about our visit on my blog here.  I was able to use quite a few of her beads so thank you my friend!!  I just sewed two beads at a time, some cases only one at a time to fill in his body, and added some Maderia metallic thread for his hair and face.

And here's the finished measures 16" x 20" and I chose to place Zachery in the 3rd position!  This is in reference to my blog post where I asked which spot Zachery looked best in.  I couldn't decide but I was liking #3 best but most liked #1.  I ended up putting him on the hill....   Zachery will be turned in on Monday to our curator of the exhibit, Carol T.  Now onto creating another quilt for the exhibit.  Our next artist is 'Tiffany' but what's nice is there are no target dates for finishing these pieces.  That's the best target date and you don't have to do all or any of the artists.  I am hoping to create another reverse applique piece using my Q Buddy, Susan from Florida's, technique as I did in my Georgia O'Keeffe piece.
Nice temp the low 70's...sun shining...good day for walking dogs.  And it's Kalee's BD!!!  2 years old today!  The year(s) sure have gone by quick!


  1. That is wonderful -- love Dr. Seuss and you have done him proud!

  2. A TRUE Masterpiece!! Well done....

  3. Zachery is a beaded masterpiece and how you have placed him is perfect. That book sounds very interesting and full of inspiration. Your work is stunning dear...
    Happy 2nd Birthday Kalee.

  4. This is just outstanding... labor-intensive, great workmanship, fascinating.


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