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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Relaxing Sunday

It's a nice relaxing day today.  I've been working on getting my  files off our oldest laptop so that Bob can use it for his golf stats (his desktop died so he'll use the old laptop at his desk).  Well, I finally, and I do say finally!, removed/transferred/copied all my pictures and documents, which amounted to over 1500!!!  
I don't know why I keep so many pictures...half of them I forgot about or don't even recognize what they are!  We did buy me a new laptop, Windows 8.1....ugh...hate learning new platforms...but I'm making progress.  
So that's another 'job' off my back!  Now I can get back to playing full time with no 'homework' hanging over my head!  Since I don't have any current project to show, I thought I'd bring out some pics from the past.  These are from 2008...I don't know if I've posted on them but thought for any of my new followers (and just to put pics on a post!) I'll show them today!

You know how much I love to play with painted Tyvek and burning it...well that's what I did on this small piece (8.5" x 11").  But the most fun part was that 'stick' you see in the's actually not a stick but a plastic straw that I painted with acrylic paint, then used my glue gun to melt glue on!  Of course I had to wrap some fibers and sparkly 'stuff' around it too.  I still have this piece and it's fun to look at.

I also hand stab stitched the entire piece (with metallic thread!!!) after couching some metallic threads!  A girls gotta have bling!!!

Of course, once I started to use the old glue gun I couldn't stop!  This is a piece of cotton velveteen I dyed a bubble gum pink!  I love the color...but it needed I fused painted fusible webbing then stitched on top of the webbing and added some squiggly marks with the glue gun!  The chopsticks you see are from a friends wedding.   This piece is still hanging in my sewing room and the glue piece is still on it!!  Well, that's what glue does, isn't it!  It sticks!!

I said I really liked that pink velvet!  So I made another piece below....mixing it up with some hand dyed cotton.

This is a closeup of the glue piece in the upper left picture above.  What fun you can have with a glue gun!

And last but not least...this is a piece I made for my daughter.  It's pictures from one of her trips to Italy along with some pics of postcards she sent me.

You may have to click on the picture to see the glue gun areas!  Yep...I added glue around some of the picture edges using the glue gun.  My daughter's pictures were amazing but they looked too plain on the fabric soooooo......this was/is a fun piece.  I think this is still hanging in her kitchen!

Hmmmmmmm  I just might have to get my glue gun out again and start not...I might end up designing something on poor Kalee!!!

Off to play in my sewing area!!!  Or perhaps do a little beading...I have started to watch season 2 of 'Orange is the New Black''s GREAT acting...a little hard core at times...a little sad at times...funny at times...but the acting is amazing!!!  I was hooked with season 1 and look forward to the rest of season 2!  I could bead and watch TV...what more could a gal ask for on a nice Sunday afternoon!   OK, maybe a glass of wine or margarita!  Perfect.

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  1. Oh my, sorting through old files and pics is a daunting task! And I rarely print out pictures anymore- they're all squirreled away somewhere on the computer. Not sure that's such a good thing though. Love your burnt and glued pieces!