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Monday, June 23, 2014

New project...old (ongoing) project!

Of course, you have to  keep your mind active which means I'm working on another project!   It's for our Master's Exhibit.  At least, I have in  my mind what I want to do...whether or not it happens is another story!  This could turn out to be a quilt I end up not finishing or cutting up for something else!  I will finish just might not be 'fit' for the exhibit!  But can always hang in my sewing room!

I posted last fall on UGO who is one of the artists our group selected for each of us to create an art quilt based on his work.  You can read the post here...this is the picture I'm using for my inspiration.

Now remember that picture is just my inspiration.....I am using a horse as the focal point...and this is a coloring page I had blown up to use.

And here he is with some of my hex's I've been making.  I'm making 1/2" hex's...I thought they were 3/4" but found a package of Mylar hexagons I bought in Florida this year.  They are huge!  And too big for this piece..hence, I'm using my paper 1/2" template(s) for the horse.

The finished piece will be 16" x 20" and the horse will fill up a majority of the piece.

So that's my thought right now!  Will it work...who knows!!  But it's worth a try, right!
And I have been working on my leaf...I'm getting really excited because it's getting close to the finish!  Really it is!!!

I now only have two little sections left to bead!!!
 I have three hand projects to work on now!!!  Hex's, leaf and the background piece for the leaf needs lots of hand embroidery.  Looks like lots of TV work doesn't it!


The Inside Stori said...

I could NOT imagine how you were going to use hexs. to create the'm impressed!!

Jan said...

That is going to be so cool! I'll look forward to watching your progress. So what do you watch on TV? I don't have regular TV, just what I can stream off of Amazon Prime and have been watching season 1 of the show 24. Never seen it before.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

A Hexie Horse..what a creative idea!

It seems like all I have time to do are my armchair projects. I swear I don't know where my day goes!!