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Monday, June 9, 2014

Good start to the week!

Today was our Aussome Study Fiber group meeting.  We had made plans to go into Davison to Lucky's Steak House for lunch, so we ended up having the meeting at my house, since I'm half way to the restaurant.  I made some sticky buns for us and after our treat and coffee we had a great show and tell!!
Yes we were giddy but blame it on the sugar from the sticky buns!! We are missing one of our gals but we have our group online @ Yahoo so I upload pics from our show and tell.  Makes it nice in case anyone misses a meeting.  The show and tell is the best, right!

Also, here are two YouTubes you have to check out.  This first one Lynn Krawczyk posted on FB this a.m.  It's amazing...for all you painters out there and even quilters or art lovers.  Sooooo cool!

And this next one was also posted on FB by Gayle (a bud who went with us to visit Tommy last fall - you can read about our trip here).  I thought I had one of the better ways to join that end binding strip on your quilt.  But this lady has it to a perfection!!  So cool!   Thanks,Gayle!  If for some reason you can't play this, go to YouTube and type in :Quilt Binding: The Final Connection.

And this is my bud, Carol, at lunch....yep, that's my glass of wine too!!! Carol had a Cosmo.... Great lunch, great friends, great conversation...just a perfect day.

Dye job tomorrow...for my head not my fabric(s)!  Wed. is time with the grand kids, Thursday is Kalee's spa day and Friday I get to stay home!!!
I'm trying to figure out how to use different size 'hexes' for an art quilt.  I have 3/4", 1/2" and 2" hexes...I know there has to be a way to calculate how I can mix but math isn't my strong suit.  One of our members, LoisAnn, is going to ask her daughter or husband...they both have the minds to figure this out!!  Look out if they do!


Sherrie Spangler said...

Very cool painting video, and your outing and sticky buns sound wonderful.

Nancy said...

What a fun day! Are you sure you needed a steak house after sticky buns? Oh, why not. Thanks for that binding video- very slick for a bump-free finish. There aren't many horse shows over the summer, but we won't be showing at any of them as Jack sold Jackson! He has a wonderful new family- a young woman who is a doctor will show him, and her little daughter will eventually. They love him. His yearling full brother is in the barn now.