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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Crayon Art

Last week my grandson, Nick, mentioned crayon art as an activity we could do when I spend my 'day' with them. to 'Google' I went where I saw lots of video's and images of crayon art.  You really need to watch the video's on crayon art (just go to YouTube and type in 'crayon art') to get an idea on supplies needed and process.
Fortunately, I had several canvas pieces (both flat and wrapped) as well as lots of crayons from when the kids were younger.  You also need some plastic/foam board, large clips, cardboard, glue gun, heat gun...those are the main supplies you'll need.  Just pay attention when watching the video''ll get the idea!

We started off looking up different ideas on the 'net'....

Kids hard at work thinking of a design. Nick wanted to put printed words on is art work so he went to the computer and typed out some saying(s) and printed them out.  He did a nice job too.

Amber wanted to write inside her design so she created a heart shape on the edge of her canvas.  When we melted the piece we turned the canvas upside down so we were melting the end of the crayons and not the point.

Now the fun began!!  Well, first we had a healthy lunch and some playing around with squirting chocolate syrup into Nick's mouth!  

Next, we taped plastic onto the wall and floor in the garage.  The crayons will splatter as you melt them, if you hold the heat gun too close...I did use large clips to hold the canvas onto foam board which gave us the ability to turn our work as we were melting. 
 This was Amber holding the foam can see her heart shape is upside down.  I forgot to take a picture after she painted the inside of the heart with purple watercolor paint.  She's going to use a fine point sharpie and write her saying inside the heart.

Nick's piece was melted both ways...again, just turning the board!  Really easy...

Amber's finished piece (she painted her heat purple and will write a saying inside)

Nick's finished piece!

And then we started on their 2nd pieces!!

This was Amber's 2nd piece...really cool!

And Nick's 2nd piece!

I think both kids did a great job!  And I had one of the best times with them working on these!    If you have grand kids (and age appropriate!), you need to do this craft with them.  Even little tykes could place their crayons where they want and sit and watch grandma melt the crayon!  Give it a go!  You'll enjoy the activity and the memory!


  1. Hey...what a cool activity for kids.....tx's so much for sharing it.

  2. How fun!! I miss my "little" grandson's but they have grown into such nice young men.

    Bet your grandkids think you're the Bomb, or as MY grandson would say "bae" whatever THAT means~lol~
    xx, Carol

  3. Serious fun! Summer will be memorable for the creative time you spend with your grandkids.