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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mid week!

Can't believe it's middle of the week...or should I say the week almost over!  Yikes!
Making progress on my beaded cuff....I'd say it's half done...or close to that.  The colors don't show up as nice as they are in person.  I'm using Delica's in Cinnamon Rainbow for darker area, Copper Lined Crystal for background and Lt Peach lined crystal for the 'X' areas and diagonals.  
I also finished another Kumi bracelet, this one in narrow yarns.  I have another one started so I can wear them as a pair.  It's in shades of brown and beige.  This one has a really pretty yellow in it.

 So yesterday was my day with Amber & Nick.  We were quite busy as they helped clean out the garage for their mom and dad.  They each did a great job cleaning.  Next off to grocery store to return bottles - kids split the money!  Then we had a good lunch at Subway then home to help Nick paint a wooden box with his air brush gun and Amber to make a bracelet.
They each did a great job.  Amber finished her braiding (Kumi) but my glue wasn't working so I'll put the closure on it today and take back to her this weekend (she's having her BD party for family on Sunday).  Amber's bracelet turned out nice!  And it didn't take her as long as she thought it would!  Surprise!!!  I gave Amber some yarns, as she and another friend want to make bracelets.  She found some YouTubes  for braided bracelets (not Kumi) which look quite interesting and very easy.  I'll be anxious to see what they come up with.
Amber didn't want her picture taken....oh well!

Her braid is in pinks and purples.  Really nice!
This was a wooden box Nick painted

and put stencils on!

Nick learned a lot about 'masking' off areas when you want to paint.  He made sure to remove all the screws and hooks too.  I think he did a great job as well!

We just had a fun day!  Well, grandma did anyway...just more memories!!!

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