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Saturday, July 6, 2013


Yep...I'm officially a TAPPER!  I played this morning using TAP after watching my online class from Lesley Riley, Create with TAP from CraftArtEdu!  What fun!!!  I've used TAP before but only on fabric so this was a great opportunity to learn more about this product.  Lesley's online class showed all different surfaces for you to TAP onto!!  I'm big on 'show me' so classes with video's are perfect for this gal.
Here are my results from playing today!  

So what's this you say, in the picture above!  Well, these are two accordion books!  Actually, for the online class, Lesley was making just one book but I didn't have the right size of paper so I made two small accordion books!  My books are samples of the different surfaces I transferred TAP onto.  I transferred onto Lutradur, craft metal, paper, hand made paper/fabric, Sulky Totally Stable interface, upholstery fabric!!!  Just having too much fun!!!

TAP on metal duct tape!
 I happen to have had on hand some heavy paper that I stenciled on last year.  It was perfect to paint and use for my book cover(s).

Obviously, this is before I painted it with green paint!
This is a paper doily & TAP on the right!  Who knew!

TAP on craft aluminum

TAP on lutradur (don't burn lutradur with the iron - gets messy!)

1st is paper/fabric, metal duct tape, upholstery fabric

My second book..the 1st transfer is on Sulky - last one is the paper fabric I made

And the back of the books...I also TAPPED  the name of each  different  surface I used on the back of both books!

If you haven't tried TAP, do order some and try it!  You'll love it for transferring an image onto fabric (& you can iron over it!!!) but you'll have a ball transferring to other surfaces as well!!! 

A huge thanks again to Lesley Riley for giving this online class to   Lynn K for a 'give a-way'!!  I'm so happy to have become a TAPPER!!! 


  1. Hi Robbie - wheeee! I'm so glad you had so much fun TAPPING. Thanks so much for sharing what you did and the enthusiasm you bring to the TAP dance.

  2. I have never tapped! It looks very interesting with all you have experimented. Your accordian books are fabulous. I do believe there is Nothing you can't master.

  3. very cool effects you have created with this product. I shall file this info away in case I need it some day. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you had a lot of fun with it. Love that wolf image.

  4. Wow, that is some versatile material there, to be able to work on all those different surfaces! Your books look so good...I'm a big fan of that wolf too :-)

  5. Really interesting variety of surfaces. I especially like the metal duct tape. You really jumped right in! Summer going well. Scooter is enjoying himself and has a good buddy to play with next door... Buster. He's quite obsessed with Buster.