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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Here we go again!!

Since I'm so good at 'unsewing'...I thought I'd give it a go again on my Tiffany piece!  Sure, why not...I'm not doing anything else!  NOT!!!

I'm using black cotton sateen for the leading, which I didn't think would fray as bad as some other cottons.  But....I kept having problems with fraying...hence, this is me starting to unsew my lead lines (red threads) and my reverse applique stitching (around the orange fabric) was good TV work and kept me busy while listening to the Tiger's!

I did come to the conclusion that I'm cutting my turn under area(s) too, I'm going to try the cotton sateen again!

This is what will be under the black sateen...the pale lips you see won't be pale.  I'm going to cut a heart shape and fuse to the piece when all the stitching is finished.  OK, at least that's my plan!!

Yesterday I did the basting of the black fabric and then last night I stitched the center of my lead lines (next photo).  I want to make my mentor, Susan, proud of my if I have to redo again and again, I'll do it!!  Just hope I don't have to!!!

Temp is already at 81!  And we're expected to have temps in the 90's for at least 4-5 days this week!! I've said before...not my kind of weather!!  Monday we have our fiber meeting since it was canceled last week.  We'll have a nice time with all the show and tell...and of course lunch somewhere!!!

I did finish my cuff so I'll be posting pics of it later!!  Now to decide what else to do!!!


  1. Perfection is a dangerous addiction. Your Tiffany piece will be stunning. I cannot imagine all the work you are putting into this...but then you always do perfection and you do it superbly. Hydrate dear and stay cool...

  2. I had the same problem with a piece recently......and solved it by spray starching the fabric.....which eliminated the fraying..... Just a thought... And...I'm sorry for your pain!!!